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    SECOM Smart Home is an all-in-one home security system that seamlessly integrates your motion sensors, CCTV and smart devices. You can arm and disarm your intruder alarm, watch live video footage and greet visitors at the door – all from a single, connected smartphone application. Get an alert if you forget to arm your system, or if there’s unexpected activity that you should investigate. See what’s happening everywhere, from anywhere, with intelligent, helpful video alerts, and a whole view of important activity.

    You can arm and disarm your intruder alarm, watch live video footage and greet visitors at the door – all from a single, connected smartphone application. We’ll tailor your system to your specific needs and lifestyle.

    Motion sensors

    From pet-immune sensors with integrated cameras to ultra-small detectors for protecting windows and doors, SECOM Smart Home comes with a variety of motion sensors for you to choose from.

    External sounder

    The SECOM external sounder emits a 110-decibel siren, making it perfect for discouraging intruders and alerting you to potential threats. The state-of-the-art product comes with a high-powered battery that lasts up to eight years with normal use, ensuring your home stays safer for longer.

    Magnetic contacts & glass break sensors

    Windows are a key entry point for would-be intruders. Installing magnetic contacts and glass break sensors allows you to monitor the most vulnerable areas in your home and protect against break-ins.

    CCTV with analytics

    Receive alerts and access high-quality video footage on your smartphone with SECOM Smart Home. Our night vision and HDR (High Dynamic Range) cameras capture images in even the dimmest light and use powerful video analytics software to detect when someone crosses the virtual perimeter of your home.

    Safety sensors

    SECOM Smart Home includes a range of safety sensors to defend against carbon monoxide leaks, floods, and fires. If a sensor is triggered, it emits an audible alarm and sends a notification to your smartphone so you can act swiftly, even if you’re not at home.

    Indoor CCTV

    Remotely check in on children and pets with our range of HD infrared cameras. They relay crystal-clear video footage to your smartphone, providing peace of mind anytime, day or night.

    Smart doorbell

    The SECOM doorbell features a high-definition camera, PIR motion sensor and digital speakerphone. It allows you to see, hear and speak with visitors whether you are at home, at work or on the go.

    Touchscreen control panel

    The SECOM control panel features an HD touchscreen and 5-megapixel camera. Using wireless technology, it seamlessly integrates all your smart accessories and security devices into one connected hub, giving you total control over your home.

    Always by your side

    SECOM Smart Security is a professionally monitored alarm system. This means it is supervised by a dedicated team of security experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a burglary, your smart home security system will sound an alarm and send an alert to our UK alarm receiving centre. We will then contact your nominated keyholders and, depending on your response package, either notify the police or send a professional keyholder or security guard to your property. This additional coverage ensures no matter where you are – whether on holiday, in a meeting or asleep in bed – your home is always protected and your loved ones are safe.

    Unlimited maintenance

    In addition to receiving 24/7 remote monitoring, SECOM Smart Security customers also enjoy a fully comprehensive monthly service including:

    • Year-round engineer response
    • Unlimited remote technical support
    • Free replacement parts, including accidental damage
    • Free replacement batteries for detection devices

    Getting Started

    SECOM Smart Home comes with an external sounder, touchscreen control panel, two magnetic contacts and pet-immune motion sensors. The touchscreen control panel also has an optional on-board camera facility, that can send you images when the system is armed/disarmed or an alarm event occurs. Add smart devices, cameras and safety sensors to your package to customise your system and meet the specific requirements of your home. SECOM Smart Home also comes with our App allowing you to have 24 hour access and control of your home – keeping life simple.

    Smart Add-ons





    System Response

    SECOM Smart Home is a monitored alarm system. Your response type determines which actions we take in the event of an alarm activation. Choose your level of coverage from the options below.

    Keyholder Only Icon
    Keyholder Only

    If your alarm is activated, you will receive a notification via the SECOM App and a member of our monitoring team will contact you directly. If you do not respond or are unavailable, we will call your nominated keyholders – close friends, neighbours or family members – and explain the situation to them over the phone. They can then visit your property to check for signs of a break-in and reset your alarm.

    Keyholder Only Icon
    Keyholder & Police Response

    After a confirmed alarm activation, we will contact the homeowner to verify the alarm. If you do not answer, we will alert the police and let your nominated keyholders know that your alarm has been triggered. Keyholders can then attend the property accompanied by the police to secure your home.

    Keyholder Only Icon
    Key Response Service & Police Response

    Keyholding services operate 24 hours a day, offering round-the-clock protection. After a confirmed activation you will receive a notification via the SECOM App and a member of our monitoring team will contact you directly. If you are unavailable, we will alert the police and dispatch a professional keyholder to visit your property. The keyholder will coordinate with the authorities to investigate the alarm and secure your home.

    Keyholder Only Icon
    Guard Response

    If your security system is activated and we cannot contact you to verify the alarm, we will send a fully vetted security professional to your property to complete a thorough external check of your premises. If the guard sees any evidence of a break-in attempt, they will contact the police and wait outside until the authorities arrive.

    Home Installation

    SECOM Plc is an NSI Gold installer. We will install your security system at a time that suits you and complete the job in a matter of hours, securing your property with minimum fuss.

    Our security systems are installed by a fully vetted team of professional engineers. They will install your alarm and optimise the system to meet the unique specifications of your home.

    Once the installation is complete, our engineers will connect your smart security system to the SECOM network so you and your family, as well as your chosen system response, are notified right away in the event of an alarm activation.

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