Wireless Flood Detector

Product description

Flood detectors warn homeowners and businesses when their property is at risk of flooding. Designed to fit neatly in basements and laundry rooms, they use sensitive instruments to detect water pooling at ground level.

If SECOM’s wireless flood detector registers water, it will send a remote alert to your smartphone via the SECOM Smart Security app. You can then respond to the alarm and resolve any water leaks before they cause more serious damage.

Product features

  • Small, discreet design
  • Early warning leak detection
  • Suitable for basements, laundry rooms, holiday homes and commercial properties
  • Uses an advanced encryption algorithm (128-bit key) to protect against code grabbing
  • Eight-year battery life
  • Sends low battery warnings and flooding alerts to your smartphone

Product specifications

81 x 34 x 2mm

Sensor cable length:
3 metres

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flood sensor?

Flood sensors detect the presence of water in homes and commercial properties. Water sensors allow property owners to identify potential leaks and flood situations before they get too serious, preventing costly water damage.

Where do you place a flood sensor?

You will need to place your sensor close to the ground to detect pooling water. You should also focus on areas of your property that are more prone to flooding such as bathrooms, basements and garages.

How does a flood detector work?

Not all detectors work in the same way, but in general flood sensors work by monitoring the electrical resistance between two contacts. When water is present, the resistance between the two contacts changes, activating the alarm and warning users of a potential leak.

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