Grilles and Gates

High-quality protection for any premises

At SECOM, we offer an extensive range of Security Grilles & Gates that provide maximum protection to your premises and your stock. Whether you’re an independent store or a large retailer, our state-of-the-art physical protection discourages raids, robberies and criminal damage – ensuring your property, and your people, remain safe.

Our selection of quality, hard-wearing grilles are constructed from the very best materials and are made to measure. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs, so you can achieve a personalised security solution for your environment. Our easy-on-the-eye products enable you to protect your business without shielding your merchandise from would-be buyers – so you can continue to showcase your goods even when you’re closed!

  • Tailor-made security solution when your business is most vulnerable
  • Discourages robberies, ram-raids and other criminal acts
  • Protects your stock without compromising on showcasing
  • High-quality materials built to withstand damage

SECOM physical protection division

Each of our products and services are backed by the SECOM Physical Protection Division – our elite team of design experts who are experienced in the construction of physical security measures, panic rooms and much more. Together with their expertise, we bring quality and reliability to all of our projects, whether you’re looking for grilles, gates or portcullis security measures.

All of our products are tested and approved to meet your business requirements, so you are guaranteed maximum protection from the day of installation.

Security grilles

Electronic and manual security grilles available in a variety of styles, including fixed and collapsible models. Provides excellent made-to-measure protection for shop fronts.

American portcullis security grilles

A popular protection product which offers a real physical presence despite the ‘open’ look. Created from 6mm bright steel rods for improved performance in all environments.

Collapsible gates

Excellent protection for businesses and in-the-home, blending seamlessly into the decor. Can be easily collapsed and opened in the case of an emergency or extra peace of mind.

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