Business CCTV Systems

Provide a safe and secure working environment for you and your employees with bespoke, AI-led, commercial CCTV systems.
  • Get notified of events and incidents in real-time with advanced analytics and smart, AI-led CCTV camera solutions.
  • Cutting-edge technology and analytics to make your security more efficient and effective.
  • High-definition cameras give you crystal-clear CCTV surveillance even at night.
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance by trained experts.
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Protect your business with bespoke commercial CCTV systems

Protecting your business isn’t just about preventing break-ins. It’s about protecting your employees, your assets and your livelihood. Whether you’re a small family-run business, a high-street brand or a major financial institution, your security matters. Here at SECOM, we are dedicated to finding the right business CCTV systems and monitoring services to suit your needs.

With decades of experience in designing and installing bespoke business CCTV and security systems, we have the expertise to keep you protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Choose from our range of wired and wireless CCTV solutions to give you peace of mind, meet your requirements and get the best business security.

  • 24/7 monitoring and remote access – Get full visibility of your business security from anywhere at any time.
  • Adaptable solutions – All of our CCTV solutions are flexible and scalable to fit your specific business needs.
  • Seamless integration – Get comprehensive security for your business, with limitless integration possibilities.
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What you get with SECOM’s
Commercial CCTV System

Remote accessibility and unusual activity alerts

Keep an eye on your business with Secom CCTV no matter where you are with remote access. Stay in the know and monitor your security from the comfort of your home. And, with real-time alert notifications sent from our app, you can review all your security updates in one place. Whether you're a small business or have multiple sites across the UK, you can have full visibility over detection of unusual activity.

IP CCTV systems

When you choose an IP CCTV solution, you get to do so much more than monitor your business’ camera feeds. With greater integration possibilities than ever before, you can analyse events in real-time, optimise your business with marketing analytics and even decide who has access to your sites.

24/7 professional monitoring

As well as having remote access, you can have your business CCTV system professionally monitored by us. Live updates are sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre alerting our operators to anything out of the ordinary. In the case of an emergency, our control centre will make sure your business gets the help it needs. Best of all, ARC is available to you 24/7 with access to the emergency services.

End-to-end installation and ongoing service

We manage the design, installation and maintenance of your CCTV system from start to finish. Our qualified and experienced team of consultants and installers have worked across numerous businesses, and have developed an intuitive understanding of how to design and the best system for your needs. We’ll also manage any ongoing upgrades, repairs or maintenance on your system, making life as easy as possible for you.

Business activity analytics

Optimise your business practices with cutting-edge analytics. With SECOM business CCTV systems, you’ll be able to access key metrics like footfall, heat mapping and queue busting – so you can optimise your business, provide better customer service and experience increased ROI.


Footfall data goes beyond mere numbers – it offers insights into unique visitors and advanced analytics that help you to enhance space usage, safety and efficiency.

Heat mapping

For valuable insights into where customers are walking and dwelling, heat mapping provides 'hot & cold spot' information to aid product and promotion placement to ensure maximum visibility and track marketing impact.

Queue busting

Leveraging CCTV system capabilities, you can reduce wait times in-store. Once a queue reaches a set limit, the system alerts store managers to open more checkout counters – keeping wait times to a minimum.

Monitoring at your fingertips

With SECOM recently completing one of the largest cloud CCTV system installations in the UK, you can be assured that your business is in safe hands. With cloud-based CCTV solutions, you can keep track of everything that goes on within your business – whether you manage one site or fifty. Every recording is readily available and is backed up to the cloud in case of network outages, theft, or if a server is destroyed. Ensuring you never lose sight of your business security.

For added peace of mind, you can access your live feeds wherever you are with our handy smart security app. Using AI and deep learning, your smart commercial CCTV system will detect and differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, reducing false alarms and ensuring you only receive genuine alerts. What’s more, you can see everything in crystal-clear full HD if an intruder strikes in the dark.


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Get a survey

We’ll arrange a site survey free of charge and discuss your business needs so that we can find the right CCTV solution for you.


Once you’re happy with your CCTV solution, we’ll send a qualified engineer to install your system, and we’ll be here to answer any questions you may have.


Your new CCTV system will be fully maintained and serviced by SECOM. If you experience any issues with your security system, our engineers will be on hand to help.

More than just security

When you choose a smart business CCTV system with SECOM, you gain real-time alerts to keep you informed about your business around the clock. Create customised detection areas for each camera and receive notifications for offline or vandalised cameras. Moreover, you can explore opportunities to enhance your daily operations through trend analysis, activity tracking, and detailed reporting. Our commercial CCTV systems offer features like line crossing detection, intrusion detection, object counting, and loitering detection, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Plus, you can access your surveillance system on the go, from any device, with live cloud video streaming, historical video searches, and remote camera management. Unlike traditional video security systems, our cloud-based solution simplifies deployment, management, and integration with third-party systems while delivering enterprise-grade performance. Make informed decisions, optimise operations, secure your business seamlessly and optimise ROI with SECOM.


By analysing trackable foot traffic patterns and customer behaviour, you can pinpoint peak operational hours. With this knowledge, you can feel empowered to optimise your staffing – choosing the right amount of staff per shift. Streamline your services and allocate resources with precision, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for your customers.


With smart CCTV solutions, you can heat map your store, making it easier to know where to place special offers that will optimise your ROI. Our technology also offers queue-busting and foot traffic metrics, so you can better staff your stores for peak periods and ensure all your customers receive first-class customer service.


With our business metrics, you’ll get real-time data on occupancy patterns, meeting room usage, and traffic flow to enable you to optimise your office space. Create enhanced office layouts, allocate resources more efficiently and, with a data-driven approach to security, foster a more productive and efficient work environment.

Your integrated business
security solution

Our suite of business security solutions is designed for integration.
Discover a complete security and analytics solution, tailored to
your specific business needs.

Access Control

Manage and monitor who can enter specific areas of your business, enhancing security and privacy.
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Intruder Alarms

Safeguard your assets and your employees with instant threat detection in one easy-to-use app.
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Protect what matters most with a state-of-the-art fire protection and prevention system.
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Why choose SECOM?

  • Reduce your premiums by using a National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold provider.
  • 24/7 monitoring from our SECOM control centre.
  • Access to police and insurance professionals from day one.
  • Part of SECOM Group trusted by businesses across 13 countries.
  • A bespoke business security solution, all in an easy-to-use app.
  • Our commercial CCTV systems are 100% tailored to your business needs.


How do I choose the right CCTV system for my business?

At SECOM, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why our outdoor and indoor CCTV solutions are fully bespoke, ensuring that all of your security needs are met. Our experts will be here to guide you through the selection process – matching the right cameras, features, and coverage for your specific requirements, whether you’re looking for the best small business CCTV systems in the UK, or something more comprehensive.

Is commercial CCTV right for my small business?

Absolutely. Our CCTV solutions cater to all business sizes. From small, single buildings to multiple sites, our business CCTV systems are designed to be adaptable, providing tailored security solutions that address the specific needs of each location, regardless of size.

How much do your business CCTV solutions cost?

The cost of our business CCTV solution varies based on the individual needs of your business, as well as your budget. We’ll work with you and provide a personalised quote after a thorough assessment of your requirements, ensuring you receive a competitive and accurate quote that suits your needs and your budget.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation services to ensure your CCTV system is set up correctly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians will handle the entire installation process, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Why is it important to use HD IP CCTV for business CCTV?

Using HD IP CCTV for business CCTV is crucial because it provides high-quality video, integrates seamlessly with other solutions, like intruder alarms and access control, and aligns with modern IT infrastructure for enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Why does my business need a commercial CCTV system?

Commercial CCTV systems are an essential investment for businesses looking to optimise their current safety practices. With CCTV cameras in action, you can monitor your premises and keep watch for any suspicious behaviour. You can also make sure your customers and employees are safe from any security breaches. Cameras act as a deterrent, with their presence alone often enough to deter potential criminals or intruders. And in the unfortunate event of a security breach, the footage captured by the CCTV cameras can be used as evidence. Helping to identify perpetrators and support any legal action that may be required.

CCTV systems can help to improve employee safety by monitoring hazardous environments. Alerting managers to any potential safety risks. And in cases where you need to recover losses for insurance purposes, CCTV footage can be used.

With SECOM’s AI-led cutting-edge technology, you can feel confident that your security system is more sophisticated than ever. With features like remote monitoring, night vision, and advanced analytics, when you invest in a security system with SECOM, you can experience enhanced security, increased safety and greater peace of mind for your business. As well as optimised business practices, you’ll have opportunities to integrate other security solutions with your CCTV system to help you focus on what matters when running your business.

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