Help your loved
ones stay happy and independent at home

SECOM Smart Wellness is designed for independent living and elderly home care. It’s the complete package to provide support and peace of mind.

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    Instantly check on unusual activity or inactivity at any time of day.

    See whether doors and gates have been shut properly and set up alerts
    for wandering.

    Check in on loved
    ones throughout the
    day to see them safe
    and sound.

    Get specific notifications for opening of medicine cabinet, fridge/ freezer etc

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    Affordable protection you can rely on

    “I hope mum’s okay…”
    “I hope they’ve not left the door open…”
    “I hope we don’t have to consider a care home…”

    As our loved ones age, these are the daily thoughts we have to deal with. But SECOM Smart Wellness, a new service from SECOM Plc, is here to alleviate the stress, shoulder some of the burden and offer you greater peace of mind.

    Our patented assisted home living system allows you to always stay in the loop with your elderly family. Non-intrusive sensors and technology give you real-time updates, directly to your phone, alerting you to any unusual activity. And with the addition of bespoke video cameras, you can always check in to see how they’re doing.

    • Discreet technology that won’t
      intrude on their privacy
    • Affordable, tailored solutions to suit
      any budget
    • Complete, independent living at home
    • 24/7 monitoring and alerts

    Compare SECOM Wellness services to traditional Personal Emergency Response solutions (PERs)

    Smart Wellness
    Care Hub
    Care Hub
     (Personal Emergency Response)
    Care Go
    Care Go  
    (Mobile Personal Emergency Response)
    Sends activity notifications even when an emergency response button can’t be pushed
    Provides real-time updates
    Works before an emergency
    Monitors daily routines and provides meaningful insights
    Delivers customised notifications
    Monitors night time activity with an
    integrated bed sensor
    SECOM monitoring
    App notifications
    Provides alerts outside of the home
    Automatic fall detection

    When should you think about Smart Wellness?

    Smart Wellness is designed for those seeking to have a better, more affordable independent living arrangement. Whether you’re an elderly or disabled person looking to provide clarity and peace of mind for your family, or someone looking to provide safety and security for a loved one – we have a range of options to suit.

    Many of our customers turn to Smart Wellness as an alternative to traditional care setups such as assisted living homes or in-home care. Care homes are prohibitive in cost, and in-home care either doesn’t offer the 24/7 attention your loved ones need or restricts their independence.

    We recommend Smart Wellness to those that want a discreet, effective and affordable solution to elderly care. One that offers round-the-clock protection without restricting the lifestyle of anyone. Get a quote today to see how SECOM Smart Wellness delivers a different type of care.

    The ultimate security for you, your family and your home

    Experts in home care

    Our customer care teams, engineers and consultants
    are the very best in the business, ensuring you feel comfortable at every stage of your journey.

    A trusted name

    The SECOM brand is synonymous with security. We are trusted by millions of people and businesses across the world to provide effective, affordable solutions – from CCTV to in-home care.

    Industry-leading technology

    We invest in the best technology to ensure our customers have maximum protection and peace of mind.

    Highly-rated service

    Our customer reviews don’t lie – SECOM is a respected provider of independent living technology. So you know you can trust us to take care of your loved ones.

    Don’t take our word for it- check out our great reviews!

    Your SECOM Smart Wellness questions answered

    Who is Smart Wellness for?
    Wellness can benefit you if you are or have an elderly loved one who wishes to maintain independent living. Likewise, if you have a disability or a long-term illness or if you are a carer for someone who is disabled or has a long-term illness and requires remote monitoring and care. If you or the person you’re buying for is registered disabled or has a long-term health condition, you may be entitled to VAT relief. Please let our customer care team know if you are eligible. For those who cannot afford assisted living, care homes or home care.
    What can Smart Wellness offer?
    Discreet technology and non-intrusive sensors provide inactivity reporting and security whilst protecting privacy. Customisation of notifications means you can monitor what matters using the SECOM care app. You can receive real-time updates and alerts sent directly to your phone to monitor daily routines and keep you informed of any unusual activity or inactivity.
    Where can Smart Wellness help me?
    SECOM Smart Wellness technology can provide you with unique intelligent welfare insights such as sleep trend analysis and highlights unusual patterns of behaviour against typical behavioural norms to help you identify possible risks before an emergency occurs.

    Wellness default notifications are sent directly to your device using sensors that detect activity or inactivity so you can see if your loved one is up and about or if they are still in bed without physically having to go to their house. Wellcam offers you the ability to look in and talk to your loved ones allowing non-intrusive remote monitoring, giving you the freedom to go about your day as you observe your loved one’s daily activity to see if a door has been left open, if they have missed taking their medication or when a personal emergency occurs.

    When should I consider Smart Wellness?
    You should consider Wellness if your loved one wants to stay at home and preserve independent living for as long as possible as they become elderly, but they also want the security of knowing someone is looking out for them. It is also recommended if you worry that something has happened to your loved one when they haven’t stayed in touch or if your loved one requires some extra care but cannot afford assisted living.
    How can Smart Wellness help?
    Wellness gives you peace of mind as you can check in on your loved ones whenever and wherever you are, 24/7/365. It provides comfort by giving the opportunity to stay independent for as long as possible whilst providing discreet remote care, as well as alleviating financial worries on the high costs of care homes and assisted living by having affordable smart solutions and packages to suit your needs and budget.
    Why should I invest in Smart Wellness?
    Wellness offers a cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security, and comfort. We understand that assisted living, care homes and home care can be expensive, so there are different packages available to suit your budget. Wellness uses SECOM’s best products paired up with a smart home security solution from a leading security company. SECOM smart security also offers an emergency response for break-ins and will contact your own responder network for fire or medical help. That way you can be constantly aware of what’s going on in their home.

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