Nurse Call Systems

SECOM Plc provides a complete design, installation and maintenance service for the latest innovations in both wired and wireless nurse call systems.

We work closely with you to understand the unique needs of your care environment, helping you to select the very best nurse call system for your business. Our wide range of wired and wireless systems for care homes offer valuable insights on call type, response times and frequency. With a SECOM care system, you are always in control of your data, so you can manage your facilities more effectively and efficiently.

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Create a safe, compliant environment

Our unique system incorporates advanced communication and text features, allowing you to connect strategic points throughout your environment and make sure your staff are always alerted to issues. With instant feedback, you can quickly monitor and audit response times, allowing you to easily validate the quality of your care if required.

With the data gathered from our integrated nurse call systems, you will be able to see when and where staff are needed most – allowing you to better dictate rotas and make significant cost savings.

  • Completely tailored to your business needs
  • Full design, installation and service from SECOM experts
  • Cloud-based reporting system
  • Integration with new and existing care technology
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Analogue & digital solutions for the UK care sector

Wired Nurse Call Systems

Our wired systems feature an audio communication option and come with text display units located at strategic points. Room units can include infrared receivers that work with remote pendants, pressure sensors and movement detectors. The system can be connected to a PC, radio pager or printer for enhanced call monitoring.

All of our nurse call products feature cloud-based data capture and reporting options. Many systems are capable of call forwarding, night/day mode and local/global emergency settings

Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Our HTM 0803 compliant wireless nurse call systems communicate by radio signals, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional cabled systems that are sometimes impractical. All call units are battery-powered, which is essential for the routine maintenance of our nurse call systems.

Wall-mounted display units offer clear and concise call information. Calls are generally displayed in a prioritised order, with the most urgent and earliest call at the top of a scrollable list.

Perfect for any environment

Our nurse call systems have been specifically designed to work in a number of critical environments, so you can guarantee peace of mind.
  • NHS hospitals and wards
  • Care homes
  • Hospices and assisted living
  • Clinics and other public buildings

Designed to fit your business’ needs

Our systems make it simple and economical to swap out sensors so you can meet the individual needs of each resident. SECOM’s Care Hub is designed to seamlessly replace any analogue system, allowing you to upgrade your existing nurse call solution with a modern, future-proof alternative, complete with expert servicing and repair if required. We have a wide range of units, including:
  • Infrared call points
  • Bed sensors
  • Air switches
  • Dementia alarm systems

Call management and reporting

Alongside our wireless nurse call systems, we can provide easy-to-access, cloud-based call logging data for historical analysis of call and response times. The remote reporting system automatically records, monitors and analyses care home activity so that staff can spend less time completing paperwork and more time caring for patients. This aids call response times and creates a better working environment for staff.

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Why choose SECOM?

At SECOM, we have decades of experience in designing and delivering world-class security and care solutions. Our care technology products have been built to meet the demands of the industry – ensuring maximum performance and safety wherever they’re installed. We’ve worked with care professionals to hone our solutions to make a real difference to the lives of staff, patients, and care businesses.

We also offer a team of technical engineers, who are on-hand 24/7 to provide support if you ever experience an issue. These SECOM engineers are experts in diagnosing problems and make quick repairs or replacements, so there’s minimal downtime in your operation.

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