EVCS for effective emergency evacuations

Whilst thankfully rare, fires and other emergencies are hazards that every business should be fully prepared for in order to ensure the safety of customers and staff. Having an advanced EVCS (Emergency Voice Communication System) installed on your premises can make the difference between life and death.

An EVCS helps disabled or mobility-impaired people to evacuate a building in a safe and orderly manner. The communication system also enables firefighters and rescue teams to communicate effectively between themselves, emergency marshalls and evacuees.

At SECOM, our team of experienced fire consultants work with you to find the right EVCS solution so that — in those critical situations — you can keep your customers and teams safe and minimise damage as much as possible.

  • Effective two-way emergency communication system
  • Peace of mind from day one
  • In full compliance with BAFE Scheme SP203
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance by trained experts

Your trusted partner in fire protection

Whether you are looking to install a new EVCS solution, or want a new provider to handle service takeover and maintenance of an existing system, we are here to help. When you partner with SECOM, you are partnering with trusted industry experts that are best placed to help protect your business, your people and your premises.

SECOM is regularly inspected and approved to comply with BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203. This scheme looks at the design, installation, commissioning, handover, maintenance and verification of all our fire detection and alarm systems.

Our wealth of experience and expertise enables us to build a bespoke, comprehensive fire safety strategy to meet your business needs. We’ll incorporate your EVCS with auxiliary fire protection and detection solutions so you can rest easy knowing your business is protected to the highest of standards.

Disabled refuge

Designated area providing temporary safety to people unable to use fire escapes and evacuation lifts easily. They can communicate via the EVCS to help rescue teams locate them before safe evacuation.

Fire telephone systems

Hardwired full duplex communications systems with monitoring and battery backup. Together with Disabled Refuge, they provide a unified communications system to enable fast, safe evacuation.

Emergency assist alarm

An essential requirement for all disabled toilet facilities on non-domestic property. Alerts rescue teams to the location of a person requiring emergency assistance.

Streamline your emergency evacuation protocols

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