Physical Security

What is physical security?

When integrated with an electronic security system, physical security solutions provide businesses with an even more powerful and robust protection against theft, vandalism and attack. 

Highly visible, they act as a powerful deterrent to anyone thinking of trying to compromise your premises or gain access to restricted areas. 

From anti-ram solutions to shutters and fencing, there is a wide range of physical security options that help your business to keep security threats under control.

Integrating physical security into your business

Physical protection measures can be an effective form of security when fully integrated within a wider solution. 

Combining physical security solutions with advanced electronic protection will maximise your safeguarding efforts, ensuring the highest level of protection and giving you peace of mind. 

These integrated, formidable barriers are compatible across all sectors, including retail, healthcare, education and construction.

Made-to-measure security solutions

Designed and built in the UK

Installed and maintained by SECOM experts

Custom-built security solutions

Here at SECOM, we know that no two businesses are the same, so your security solution must reflect this. Our engineers will visit your premises and assess your needs, before suggesting the right measures for you. 

Whether it’s to protect against robbery, vandalism, ram raids or trespassing, our security solutions are custom-made, from bespoke, in-house designs, to suit your unique requirements..

Our mission is to match you with tailor-made measures that keep your premises, equipment, stock and staff safe without compromising the look of your storefront or venue. 

Products & Services


Take a look at the physical security solutions we offer:

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Security grilles and collapsible gates


  • Suitable for internal or external areas on your premises
  • Maintain an open look and feel
  • Choice of manual and electronic controls
  • Provide a formidable, visible barrier to deter intruders

Explore security grilles and collapsible gates



  • Provide a formidable, visible barrier to deter intruders
  • Manual or electronic roller shutters and tracked security shutters
  • Fire-rated shutters for specific requirements
  • Available in a range of colours

Discover the best shutter options for your needs

Security gates


  • Provide a formidable, visible barrier to deter intruders
  • Pleasing aesthetic to suit the look of your business
  • Manual swing or fully automated options
  • Automated gates are supplied with full risk assessment certification


Anti-ram posts


  • Protect against ram raid attacks and accidental damage
  • Strategically placed to ensure maximum protection
  • Fully compatible with security alarms and access control systems
  • Made-to-measure for an extra layer of security

Find out more about our anti-ram posts

Fire stopping

  • FIRAS certified solutions to give you the best protection
  • Get more time to evacuate out your building safely with our products and equipment
  • Tailored solutions provided by our expert Physical division to suit your needs
  • Fire-rated ablative batts, sealants, pipe collars and pipe wraps, fire-rated paints and coatings, fire-rated mortar

Protect your premises with our fire stopping solutions

SECOM Physical Protection Solutions

All of SECOM’s physical protection solutions are installed and maintained by our highly-trained, expert engineers to ensure maximum security. 

They work alongside a wider security plan designed to overcome your specific business challenges and meet the needs of your business and premises. 

Our engineers complete a thorough installation and equip you and your staff with the knowledge and security controls needed to ensure all areas are covered.


Installation process

Fully compatible with other measures, including alarm systems and CCTV, your barriers will be user-friendly and fit-for-purpose. Our team will walk you through each step of the installation process; from identifying security risks during site visits and meeting with decision makers right through to the fitting of your physical security equipment.

Maximising your physical security measures

SECOM’s physical security measures can be seamlessly integrated with our electronic offerings to provide an additional layer of protection for your business. For example, combining a barrier with an access control solution such as a PIN pad will allow entry to those who require it while keeping out unauthorised personnel.

Likewise, Installing CCTV at the physical barrier prevents unauthorised access and gives a receptionist enough time to consult the footage to determine whether or not an individual should be allowed onto the premises.

Smart Guarding Solutions

Traditional manned guarding can be expensive and isn’t always effective.

Secom Smart Guarding is a cost-effective solution to help you reduce your business’ reliance on manned guarding and, in some cases, remove the need entirely. All whilst creating a safer environment for everyone.

The advanced technology monitors your property and detects any attempted security breaches to your premises. These incidents are recorded and sent to our Intel teams, who will take the appropriate action to mitigate any potential threat.

Our trained Secom operatives are available 24/7, so you’ll always get the support you need, whenever you need it.

With fast, low-cost installation, this electronic solution can deliver ROI in a matter of weeks. Get all the benefits of having security officers guard your property without the costs of hiring full-time staff.

Why choose SECOM?

SECOM’s electronic security solutions are trusted by a wide range of brands across the UK and our alarm receiving centre (ARC) has been granted gold accreditation by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). We apply the same level of standards to our physical security systems as we do to our electronic infrastructure.

Our well-designed products are matched by the high-quality service and impeccable aftercare we extend to all our clients. Ranked as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world by Forbes magazine, we’re always striving to find new and improved ways to keep you and your business secure.

  • Peace of mind from day one
  • Custom-made physical security solutions
  • Barriers that match the aesthetics of your business
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance by trained experts

Talk to SECOM about how we can help your business