Anti-Ram Posts

Protect against damage and revenue loss

Protecting your business is our priority here at SECOM, and that includes protecting you against ram-raid attacks and accidental damage, which can cause huge revenue losses. Anti-ram posts are an effective, affordable solution acting as both a physical barrier and a visual deterrent to criminals.

Our top-of-the-range anti-ram posts are designed with your business needs in mind. They can be placed outside shopfronts, ATM machines, office buildings, warehouses and private property too — wherever you need them, we can install them. With our wide selection of posts, you’re sure to find the right solution for your business.

  • 12-month warranty and built in line with industry standards
  • Designed and manufactured in-house at SECOM
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance by trained experts
  • Fully compatible with other access control and alarm systems

A made-to-measure solution

Where other security providers have to partner with a third-party to manufacture their protection solutions, SECOM has a dedicated Physical Division and workshop. This means we can work closely with you at every stage of the process (from design, to build, to installation and maintenance) to ensure we meet your exact requirements. The added benefit is our demonstration room, where you can see the equipment in action for yourself.

Aside from applying cutting-edge technology to ensure top-level protection, we work within your site’s parameters. This means making sure our anti-ram solutions are sympathetic to your building and its surroundings.

Physical security for all sectors

With extensive experience working with a range of commercial clients, we can advise you on the best protection solutions for your specific business needs.

NSI gold accredited alarm receiving centre

Our anti-ram posts are installed and connected to an alarm receiving centre. This means you get peace of mind, knowing our operators are monitoring your property’s security 24/7.

Extra security

If you already have CCTV cameras or security guards in place, you can add an extra layer of safety to your premises with anti-ram posts. Perfect for protecting your high-value goods.

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