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Increase the likelihood of convictions with efficient and effective investigations

Internal and external investigations can cause a real strain on business operations. From the time taken to compile, to sensitively dealing with witnesses and those required to give a statement, it can be a time-consuming and complex task.

Compiling statements and gathering evidence all require specific expertise, and it may be a struggle to know where to start.

That’s where SECOM’s Investigations service comes in. We’ve compiled a team of fully dedicated, experienced ex-police officers with an extensive network of Police and BCRP contacts, who can assist in all manner of investigative procedures.

Secure Cloud Evidence Sharing

Experienced Team

Police Compliant

Statement Creation

  • Get the right advice and expertise with our dedicated team of ex-police officers
  • Compile and submit the evidence and impact statements that meet Police standards, first time
  • Prioritise your investigations and only invest in those with a high chance of a favourable outcome with our triage service
  • Make sure your employees aren’t put under unnecessary strain by allowing our experts to create statements for them

Our specialised team can take on any type of investigation, internal or external, and obtain the right supporting evidence, including statements, digital evidence and indirect evidence. All Police liaison can be covered by our team, making the process more streamlined and more effective.

All evidence is delivered via SECOM REACT – SECOM’s secure cloud-based server that allows for the efficient sharing of CCTV and other evidential documents.

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