Bespoke fire stopping products for your business

Our range of fire stopping products can be tailored to meet the risk fire for your business, making sure that damage is minimised in the event of a breakout of fire.
  • One of the top UK fire stopping companies accredited by FIRAS
  • Members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA).
  • Years of experience installing fire stopping products for numerous businesses.
  • Your fire stopping solution will be unique to your business and your needs.
  • Installed by experienced SECOM engineering teams.
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You're in good company with SECOM

Minimise the effects of fire with the right solution

Fire can wreak havoc, with 80% of businesses never fully recovering after experiencing a significant fire, as per NFU Mutual survey data. Furthermore, 90% of businesses that suffer data loss in a fire cease operations within two years. According to the Fire Protection Association, the average large fire results in a business losing over £650,000.

Since different businesses work in different industries, occupy different types of premises and face different risks, our fire stopping solutions will be tailored to your specific needs.

Our Fire Design Team will collaborate closely with your business to develop custom fire stopping solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

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What you can get with SECOM’s Fire Stopping Solution

The principle behind fire stopping is to isolate a fire outbreak to a single area and prevent it from spreading. This is achieved mainly by sealing off the openings between walls, floors and joints with fire-resistant material. It’s a legal requirement to have fire stopping when there are gaps above the ceiling or spaces between two walls.


Subdividing a building down into fire compartments means it should limit the spread and enable the emergency services to tackle a fire more easily. The holes in the structure of a building that are necessary to create doors, windows, ventilation and more make it vulnerable to escaping fire and smoke. The methods used by SECOM, along with our fully-tested and compliant fire stopping products, reinforce the safety of the fire compartments within a building. This offers ultimate peace of mind for business owners.

Fire Stopping Products

In order to offer the best fire stopping solutions, we utilise a wide range of equipment and products. This includes; Fire-rated ablative batts, Sealants, Pipe collars and pipe wraps, Fire-rated paints and coatings, Fire-rated mortar, and Fire doors. By combining these fire stopping elements into a comprehensive strategy, your property will be protected from the spread of a fire at various weak points. When complemented with fire detection services, the contained inferno can be promptly extinguished before causing too much damage.

FIRAS third-party accreditation

Certification is supplied for all fire stopping installations so you can be confident that the measures put in place meet the highest standards. Not only that, but SECOM Physical has acquired FIRAS third-party accreditation administered by Warrington Certification Ltd. That means SECOM has undergone an audit and our staff has received all the relevant training for installing and maintaining fire stopping equipment in the correct manner.

How do our fire stopping products work?

Fire-Proof Paint

Fire-rated paint contains materials like intumescent compounds that expand when heated, forming a protective barrier to slow down the spread of fire on surfaces, aiding in evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Fire-Rated Mortar

Fire-rated mortar acts as a barrier against fire, using fire-resistant aggregates and binding agents to form a seal that restricts the spread of flames and smoke.

Fire-Rated Ablative Batts

Fire-rated ablative batts are essential for fire protection, expanding when exposed to flames to create a barrier that slows down fire spread and insulates surfaces, enhancing building safety.

Fire Sealant

Fire sealant, also known as fire caulking or fire-stopping sealant, is a critical component in fire stopping systems. It is used to seal gaps, joints, and openings in fire-rated walls, floors, and ceilings to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases from one compartment to another in a building. Fire sealants are part of a larger passive fire protection strategy, which is designed to contain fires and maintain the integrity of fire-rated barriers for a specified period, thereby providing occupants with more time to evacuate and first responders with more time to control the fire.

Creating fire stopping
around your business

Your fire stopping will be designed around your business and the unique risks it faces. We do not provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions that do not involve a close inspection of your business and an understanding of where your greatest risks are. Our goal is to protect your staff and business from the damage of fire, and therefore we tailor the installation of our fire stopping products to make sure they work when required.

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Why choose SECOM?

SECOM’s decades as a market leader are no accident – we steadfastly uphold the highest fire and life safety standards. As an ISO9001, BAFE SP203-1 and FIRAS third-party accreditation-certified company, we undergo annual independent inspections and technical audits. This ensures we remain compliant while staying ahead of the latest legislation and best practices.

To ensure we go the extra mile when it comes to high-quality service, our SECOM Fire Compliance team undertakes monthly internal audits covering all aspects of fire and life safety.

  • We’re a BAFE registered company.
  • We are members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and regularly
  • We work closely with police and insurance professionals to refine our services.
  • We are part of a global network operating in 13 countries and territories, providing expert security services.


Why does a business need bespoke fire stopping products?

To truly protect your business from fire and minimise its effects, we need to know exactly where to place our fire stopping products.

By learning exactly where we need to place our products, we can minimise the damage caused by fire when and if it occurs.

Is SECOM certified by industry bodies?

SECOM is proud to be certificated to SP203-1 under the BAFE Modular Scheme, the independent registration body for third-party certificated fire safety organisations across the UK. We are inspected and audited on an annual basis.

We have FIRAS third-party accreditation.

We are contributing members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA).

We are proud to be certificated by national industry bodies, and we are always working with our partners to understand how we can evolve and improve our fire and life safety systems.

How else can you help me to protect my business?

We also offer our protection in the fields of:

Please mention to our experts if you’re looking to integrate multiple SECOM safety measures into your business.

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