Fire Stopping

Tailored fire stopping solutions

Fire can cause devastation on business premises, but there are ways to prevent the spread. Fire stopping measures can limit the damage, protect your workforce, customers and property when installed in advance. SECOM is fully accredited and one of the top fire stopping companies for devising and implementing the most appropriate strategy for your needs.

Also known as compartmentation and passive fire proofing, fire stopping combines proven techniques and products to offer you the best protection. Our expert fire stopping engineers will give you the best fire stopping solutions for your commercial property to give you more time for a safe and complete fire evacuation from your building, should a fire break out.

Fire stopping measures

The principle behind fire stopping is to isolate a fire outbreak to a single area and prevent it from spreading. This is achieved mainly by sealing off the openings between walls, floors and joints with fire-resistant material. It’s a legal requirement to have fire stopping when there are gaps above the ceiling or spaces between two walls.


Subdividing a building down into fire compartments means it should limit the spread and enable the emergency services to tackle the fire more easily. The holes in the structure of a building that are necessary to create doors, windows and the like make it vulnerable to escaping fire and smoke.

The methods used by SECOM, along with our fully-tested and compliant fire stopping products, reinforce the safety of the fire compartments within a building. This offers ultimate peace of mind for business owners.

Fire stopping equipment

In order to offer the best fire stopping solutions, we utilise a wide range of equipment and products. They include:

  • Fire-rated ablative batts
  • Sealants
  • Pipe collars and pipe wraps
  • Fire-rated paints and coatings
  • Fire-rated mortar
  • Fire doors


By combining these fire stopping elements into a comprehensive strategy, your property will be protected from the spread of a fire at various weak points. When complemented with fire detection services, the contained inferno can be promptly extinguished before causing too much damage.

FIRAS third party accreditation

Certification is supplied for all fire stopping installations so you can be confident that the measures put in place meet the highest standards. Not only that, but SECOM Physical has acquired FIRAS third-party accreditation administered by Warrington Certification Ltd. That means SECOM has undergone an audit and our staff has received all the relevant training for installing and maintaining fire stopping equipment in the correct manner.

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