Video Analytics

The latest video analytics systems can automatically distinguish between events of interest to security personnel, such as humans or vehicles entering the field of view and events of no interest such as the appearance of animals, foliage or litter – all of which can generally be disregarded.

Our Video Analytics solution

Video Analytical Systems utilise intelligent algorithms, which are able to analyse video footage and distinguish between threat and non-threat site events and ensure a control room operator is only presented with relevant alerts.

The higher resolution cameras make it easy for the system to detect human or vehicular presence. As a result, security staff are able to more effectively use their time to deal with genuine risks.

How Video Analytics can help you

New video analytics technologies can have a number of benefits for a wide range of the UK’s largest industries. In retail, they can be used to create heat maps in order to manage queues, monitor trends and work out where is the most effective position for promotions.

This information can be exported automatically to provide Marketing Departments with valuable customer insights. Furthermore, security staff can use the system to alert of unauthorised access and potential threats.

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