Emergency Lighting

Battery-operated emergency lighting for buildings

SECOM’s Emergency Lighting is specifically designed for fast, efficient installation – without compromising on quality. Our range of emergency lights are perfect for any professional environment; from office buildings to warehouses, retailers to educational establishments, we can help you create a safer space for everyone.

We build bespoke lighting set-ups to suit your needs, ensuring you can cover all areas and remain compliant. And our battery-operated models mean that should your main power supply fail, your emergency lighting never will! Our in-house team of experts work with you to develop a solution based on your business’ fire risk assessment, and carry out reliable installation and regular maintenance on your systems. Our engineers can attend the site to perform tests and inspections of emergency lighting systems, not only for installations that we have undertaken but also for a takeover of works by other suppliers. Our inspections supplement and support you with a brief monthly test of the devices.

  • Rapid installation and servicing of in-building emergency lighting
  • 30+ years’ experience in fire safety and security
  • Monthly inspections and testing on all installations
  • Designed and built to your specifications

Unique emergency lighting solutions

At SECOM, we offer a complete range of emergency lighting solutions to suit a multitude of business environments. Each of our products can be adjusted to meet your specific needs, or fitted ‘out of the box’ for faster, compliant protection. Our range includes bulkhead fittings such as StarLite, metal fittings such as ExitBox and attractive edge-lit fittings such as BladeLite – giving you more choice when it comes to your emergency lighting.

Similarly, for larger areas such as warehouses or public spaces, our TwinSpot fittings are ideal. They feature double tungsten headlights for added clarity and visibility – even from afar – ensuring greater peace of mind for you and your people. And in addition to our range of high-quality emergency lighting, we also stock a full range of exit signs, allowing you to create a complete evacuation system for your environment. These include plastic, self-adhesive and framed models for all building types.

Safer evacuations

Our emergency lighting solutions provide sufficient illumination to ensure all of your people can evacuate a building safely and orderly.

On-going servicing and maintenance

Our engineers routinely service and maintain installations – even if you didn’t buy from us! This guarantees compliance on your end and gives you greater peace of mind.

A trusted partner

SECOM has decades of experience in the security and fire safety industry. So when you work with us, you are working with an established and trusted partner who won’t let you down.

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