Battery operated emergency lighting systems

Once a fire has struck within a business, a number of systems can be simultaneously activated to mitigate damage, including our emergency lighting system for office buildings. The system can be fitted across your property to help guide people to safety.
  • Rapid installation and servicing of in-building emergency lighting.
  • 30+ years’ experience in fire safety and security
  • Monthly inspections and testing on all installations
  • Your emergency lighting system is designed around your specific needs.
  • Registered and fully certified under the BAFE Fire Safety Register.
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Protect yourself from the devastating effects of fire

In 2022/23, there were 10,052 workplace fires, 282 more fires than the previous year, according to government data, with a majority of fires in industrial, food and drink, and retail premises. With each of those fires inside an occupied building, comes the risk of an injury or fatality.

Inside a workplace with fire, people can often be afraid and unaware of where they should go, or where safety is. That’s why it is essential to install an emergency lighting system in your office building – so people can safely guide themselves out of the building to a pre-agreed point.

Every emergency lighting system needs to be bespoke. We will work with you to carefully assess your building and pick the best routes for your system – minimising the chance of injury and maximising the chance of safely exiting the building.

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What you get with SECOM’s
emergency lighting systems

Compliant product solutions

We offer a number of lighting products that are ideal for different settings: - StarLite: Bulkhead fitting light - StarLite and ExitBox: Metal fitting light - BladeLite: Edge-lit light - TwinSpot: Ideal for warehouses, TwinSpot lights come with two tungsten headlights. By combining the different types of emergency lighting we have, we can build an effective emergency lighting system in your office building and keep people safe.

Create an effective fire safety system

We offer a strong fire and life safety system, consisting of fire suppression products, emergency lighting systems, voice and communications. Fire and life safety: We have a number of different alarm systems available to choose from, as well as fire suppression and stopping solutions. Combine these with your emergency lighting system for a holistic system to stay safe. PAVA System: Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems can be an integral part of your fire system, providing clear and concise communication to all occupants of your premises. Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS): EVCS helps disabled or impaired people get help. The EVCS can be accessed by rescue staff who can effectively rescue anyone stranded in a building fire. When combined with elements of our life and fire safety system, your Emergency Lighting system will help keep people in your office building safe and quickly away from any areas of danger.

Covering all angles with emergency voice systems

It’s essential to make sure that any fire prevention system reaches everybody, and doesn’t leave any vulnerable individuals unable to reach help, or help themselves. Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS): An emergency voice communication system will help disabled or mobility-impaired people to communicate with the emergency services and colleagues in the event of a fire. It will also allow the fire brigade, emergency marshals and evacuees to communicate with each other to prevent any confusion and keep everybody safe.

Guiding staff out of the building

Making sure that people leave any premises at risk in a calm, orderly manner and know how to, is an essential component of any life safety system. We provide BS8629-compliant evacuation alert systems (EAS) tailored for high-rise residential buildings, aiding fire and rescue services (FRS) during evacuations. Our Fire Team is expertly trained to design, install, and maintain EAS in accordance with BS8629 standards and guidelines.

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Protect your business in four simple steps

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Speak to one of our expert Consultants to discuss your needs and we'll arrange a free site survey.

Site survey

We’ll visit your business to discuss your emergency lighting requirements and provide you with a detailed quote.


We’ll send a SECOM engineer to install the emergency lighting system in your office building and show you how it all works.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with SECOM security and one year’s service.

Why you need a SECOM emergency lighting system

Are you unsure about what the installation of emergency lighting will do for your safety? There are a list of benefits that come with bespoke, compliant emergency lighting systems – from potentially lower insurance premiums to potentially saving lives.

Safer evacuations

Our emergency lighting solutions provide sufficient illumination to ensure all of your people can evacuate a building safely and orderly.

On-going servicing and maintenance

Our engineers routinely service and maintain installations – even if you didn’t buy from us! This guarantees compliance on your end and gives you greater peace of mind.

A trusted partner

SECOM has decades of experience in the security and fire safety industry. So when you work with us, you are working with an established and trusted partner who won’t let you down.

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Emergency lighting bespoke to your office building

Every office building is different. That’s why we do not have set prices for our installations. Instead, we take the time to explore your physical space, and how we can best make an impact. That means we consider the layout of your building and how to most effectively direct people through the office to safety. Trust SECOM’s experienced consultants and advisers to install an emergency lighting system in your office building that works for you.

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Why choose SECOM?

At SECOM, we place huge importance on making sure we’re accredited by the major industry bodies, and always updating our knowledge. We’ve successfully operated across the world for decades because we have placed ourselves at the forefront of safety and security, and you can trust our emergency lighting systems to remain compliant at all times with ever-changing regulations and legislation.

  • We’re a BAFE registered company.
  • We are members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and regularly contribute to evolving standards.
  • We work closely with police and insurance professionals to refine our services.
  • We are part of a global network operating in 13 countries and territories, providing expert security services.


Why does a business need an emergency lighting system?

Did you know that 44% of companies do not have the correct emergency lighting installed?

Having compliant and modern emergency lighting systems in your office building is the best way to prevent any fatalities and injuries in the event of a fire. It quickly, safely and easily directs people to points of safety.

After the Grenfell Fire disaster, the Government and regulatory bodies have significantly tightened up their regulations and legislation to prevent the outbreak of a similar tragedy. This means that office managers need to keep an eye on updating regulation and legislation to prevent the risk of fines, or even prison time if the breaches of regulation are severe enough.

How often does SECOM perform maintenance of its installed emergency lighting systems?

We perform regular audits and checks on installed emergency lighting. Since every business is different, we perform these checks at regular intervals that make sense for you and your business.

Speak to our teams about our audits and maintenance, and we will work with you to visit as regularly as you need.

Why does the emergency lighting system in my office need to be bespoke?

No two offices are exactly the same, even if they were built that way.
That is why our assessors will visit your site – to develop an understanding of your business’ layout and how they can create an effective emergency lighting system. It also gives you the opportunity to address any concerns you have with your office, and gives you the peace of mind that your emergency lighting works flawlessly.

Is SECOM certificated by industry bodies?

SECOM is proud to be registered on the Fire Safety Registrar.
We are also contributing members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA).
We are proud to be certificated by national industry bodies, and we are always working with our partners to understand how we can evolve and improve our fire and life safety systems.

How else can you help me to protect my business?

We also offer our protection in the fields of fire life & safety, fire suppression, fire detection, fire stopping, CCTV, access control systems, physical security and much more. Please mention to our experts if you’re looking to integrate multiple SECOM safety measures into your business.

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