Care Technology

Innovative care services for a variety of environments

Our Care Technology Services aim to enrich the lives of our customers, with the goal of providing the latest technological solutions to everyone. Our aim is to create safer independent living environments for individuals, as well as safer, more efficient working environments for nursing homes, hospitals, and commercial and retail establishments.

At SECOM, we know that the next generation of care systems will be technologically advanced – providing more reliable, 24/7 care when it’s most needed. Whether it’s an alarm that automatically triggers when a vulnerable or elderly person leaves the home, has a fall, or forgets to take their medication, more connected technology will allow family members and caregivers to respond faster. With SECOM, you can get a carefully planned Technology Enabled Care package which will offer greater independence, choice and empowerment for everyone, whilst delivering cost savings for families, healthcare organisations and others.

Our care technology products are designed to deliver peace of mind 24 hours a day.

  • 24/7 technology-enabled care for the elderly and vulnerable
  • Affordable, low-maintenance solutions that suit all requirements
  • Seamless set-up and integration from SECOM experts
  • Built on SECOM’s world-class security technology for added peace of mind

Care technology in the workplace

We also offer a variety of high-quality solutions for the healthcare, social services, and retail industries – helping staff and businesses feel safer during their everyday routine. Our Nurse Call range is a comprehensive selection of call devices that enable the care industry to respond to crises more effectively. This includes:

  • Pear push devices
  • Pressure mats
  • Pull cords
  • Movement sensors
  • Bed sensors
  • Dementia alarms

All of our Nurse Call technology is HTM 08-03 and HBN 03-01 compliant, and can be seamlessly linked to your internal cloud systems. This allows you to efficiently log activity and record issues in real-time, creating a more connected workplace.

We also provide a range of Staff Attack Alarms, which can be deployed in all manner of retail environments to improve duty of care to staff, by providing them with an effective threat deterrent. These easy-to-operate systems continually track movement when activated, ensuring that in an escalating encounter, you will always know where your staff are. And as a cost-effective solution, businesses can protect their staff for less.

State-of-the-art technology

We’ve invested in the very best technology for our products, to ensure maximum performance from day one. From the latest in wearable tech, GPS tracking and alert systems, trust SECOM to deliver reliable solutions

Support & maintenance

All of our care technology products are backed by our team of elite experts. So when you order from us, you will receive support and maintenance to guarantee you get the most from your technology.

A trusted partner

We have been servicing the security industry for decades, and the same dedication and reliability has moved to our care technology department. When you choose SECOM, you are backed by years of experience and millions of satisfied customers.

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