Construction site security for your business

In a fast-paced, often volatile market, construction firms need to be more agile and responsive than ever to ensure their businesses are protected from external threats. With competition becoming ever more intense, and pressures to deliver on projects at an all-time high, it’s not a stretch to see that the smallest upset can cause issues further down your supply chain. And when it comes to protecting your business, your people, and your bottom line, it’s important to take construction site security seriously.

Building site security and construction site security are the most effective ways to protect your business and your investments. With state-of-the-art security solutions available from SECOM, you can have added protection during the working day and ensure peace of mind when you’re not on site – reducing the risk of theft, burglary or criminal damage.

We provide cost-effective, tailored solutions for construction site security that guarantees your site and warehouses remain safe from intruders. As a market leader in the UK security sector, our experienced teams will manage every aspect of your project on your behalf, allowing you to focus on day-to-day management. With a SECOM construction site security solution, businesses can get the very best protection, for less!

  • Cost-effective, tailored security solutions
  • Equipment, installation and labour sourced in-house
  • Completion within submitted timescales
  • A single point of contact for all your security needs
Put building site security first

We understand that when it comes to taking on a construction job there are a number of concerns that demand attention across the site. And in many cases it can be all too easy to allow the installation of security measures to be left to the last minute. But this would be a big mistake that potentially leaves your site open to intruders and other external threats.

The best security systems are planned out in the early stages of a project so they can be fully integrated into your construction site. This means you will avoid having to make compromises in order to fit a last-minute security plan into your budget – resulting in more robust construction site security measures that are truly cost-effective.

By addressing these issues early on in the development process, you can make sure that the safety solutions you choose are integral to the whole project rather than just an afterthought. With the help of SECOM’s industry-leading experts, this can be an easy and straightforward transition.

Protecting your business against threats

Unfortunately, construction sites represent a prime target for opportunistic thieves and vandals, so you need a reliable construction security solution to protect your business. Knowing what you’re up against is half the battle won, so it’s important to understand the threats:

  • Threats to operations – Any criminal activity can have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations, which could severely impact your costs. For example, if materials are stolen overnight, you may lose a day or progress, which impacts everything from personnel to project timelines.
  • Threats to materials and property – Whether it’s temporary buildings for staff, tools, stored materials or newly constructed areas, it’s vitally important that you ensure their safety throughout a project so that there are zero delays.
  • Threats to personnel – Whether it’s protecting against trespassers causing damage that could threaten your personnel – such as ripping out wiring, fiddling with electrics or moving or removing safety barriers – or stopping more deliberate criminal acts such as arson, the safety of your personnel should always be a priority.

Construction site and building site security is a platform to create more efficient workplaces. By eliminating loss, theft and damage, you can minimise any disruptions in your project, which in turn creates more efficient processes.

At SECOM, we work with you to design a unique security solution for your business – taking account of your cost requirements and concerns to produce a strategy that gives something back. Our experts continue to identify and suggest efficiencies across your site, even after initial installation, to guarantee you are getting the most out of your security system.

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