Leisure Security Solutions

The leisure industry encompasses a variety of businesses, all of which have their own unique security needs. What they have in common is a requirement for security solutions that keep the public, staff and equipment safe without impinging on users’ enjoyment of their leisure time. SECOM’s leisure security systems offer ultimate peace of mind in securing your business.

  • Unobtrusive integrated leisure security systems
  • Protection for everything from expensive equipment to stock, including alcohol
  • 24-hour security that gives staff the confidence to carry out their roles effectively


A cloud-based CCTV image transfer and case-management system. Cut down on employee time as you transfer CCTV footage and other important documents securely.

SECOM Innovations for the leisure industry

Priorities within restaurant security and other hospitaity venues in a post-coronavirus world go beyond traditional threats. As a proprietor, you now have to consider the health of your staff and customers within your security system.

People Counter
Capacity Control

SECOM Capacity Control

Maintaining a social distance is impossible if there are too many people inside your venue. SECOM’s Capacity Control ensures you have accurate information about the number of patrons coming and going to keep everyone safe.

SECOM Elevated Temperature Screening

Checking the temperature of customers is an essential element of leisure security under the ‘new normal’. With SECOM, this can be achieved in a discrete yet effective manner, with warnings and alerts sent immediately when an elevated temperature is detected.

SECOM Announce

Take the pressure off staff to remind customers of good hygiene and social distancing practices with SECOM Announce. Intermittent announcements help to protect everyone in the vicinity.

Leisure security solutions you can trust

SECOM’s experience in sports centre security and a wide range of hospitality venues has led us to understand your leisure security priorities. Keeping your staff, customers, premises and equipment safe requires bespoke solutions that take everything from location and layout to business use into consideration.

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