Education Security Solutions

Education security is made up of a number of elements, because there’s not just one way to ensure your school, college or university is a safe place to learn. Vandalism, theft, intrusion and health and safety considerations all contribute to the overall security landscape of your organisation.

  • Electronic security systems for a relaxed learning environment
  • Remote monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Loudspeaker warnings to deter vandals

Access controls

The unique access requirements of schools, colleges and universities require bespoke security solutions to ensure everyone, including parents, is offered reassurance. Access controls mean only those with authorisation can enter restricted areas, keeping staff, pupils, property and equipment safe during learning hours and outside of lesson times.

SECOM InVentry

Simplify site access and safeguarding using the InVentry system, an advanced school security solution. The touchscreen interface enables your reception staff to carry out a number of tasks easily for maximum traceability at any given time.

  • Hosts can let visitors know when they are ready at the click of a button
  • Track and trace visitors who have come into contact with staff who have declared they have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Integrate with Google Maps to give pre-booked visitors directions to your site
  • Manage the number of visitors in your reception by only allowing visitors to enter the building when it is safe to do so

Your visitor management partner

InVentry has been specifically designed with the education sector in mind, providing school, college and university security with the functionality it needs. Integrating with the School Information Management System (SIMS), this visitor manager solution fits easily into your current infrastructure.

  • Helps meet safeguarding obligations
  • Provides an easy way to check the number of hours worked by staff
  • Sends notifications by email and SMS



Easy to use


DBS Checker

Hard-working education security systems

Trust SECOM with its more than 30 years of experience to design a school security solution, college security system or university security detail to tackle the institution’s specific issues. The nature of academic venues mean people are coming and going regularly, so securing premises against unauthorised access is a challenge.

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