Fire Suppression System

Our fire suppression services will minimise damage and keep you in business.Once a fire breaks out, fire safety officials need to have the tools at hand to quickly combat the fire and mitigate any damage. Trust SECOM to safeguard your business, assets and people with a fire suppression system.
  • Wide range of fire extinguishers for different types of fires
  • Over 30 years of experience in fire safety and security
  • We design, install and maintain your fire suppression system
  • Your fire suppression system is unique to your business and built entirely around your needs.
  • 24-hour, 365-day support
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Protect yourself from the devastating effects of fire

In 2022/23, there were 10,052 workplace fires, 282 more fires than the previous year, according to government data, with a majority of fires in industrial, food and drink, and retail premises. With each of those fires inside an occupied building, comes the risk of an injury or fatality.

Many businesses don’t have fire extinguishers near risky areas, and that presents a hazard in case a fire breaks out in that area for people and businesses alike. That’s why it’s so important to work with a professional provider of fire suppression services. Having the right kind of fire extinguishers is essential too. For example, making sure you have black-banded CO2 extinguishers inside rooms full of computing equipment is essential, other types of fire extinguishers can end up exacerbating the problem, instead of relieving it.

We will design your fire suppression system to your specific needs, we do not offer ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions because we want to safeguard each and every one of our clients with the best possible fire suppression services available.

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What you get with SECOM’s
fire suppression system

24/7, 365 days a year support

At SECOM, we don’t believe the job is done once we’ve installed your fire suppression system. Our commitment to you is ongoing. Combined with our fire detection products, we can monitor your business around the clock. As members of the British Fire Consortium, our engineers are trained to maintain the service of portable fire extinguishers, refill and pressure test when necessary.

Integration into a fire and life safety system

Integrate your fire suppression system with the rest of our fire safety services.
  • Fire and life safety: We have a number of different alarm systems available to choose from, as well as fire suppression and stopping solutions. Combine these with your emergency lighting system for a holistic system to stay safe.
  • Emergency Lighting: Emergency lighting can be used throughout your building to safely guide staff towards fire exits or safe rallying points.
  • Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCS): EVCS helps disabled or impaired people get help. The EVCS can be accessed by rescue staff who can effectively rescue anyone stranded in a building fire.
When combined with elements of our life and fire safety system, your PAVA system will help keep people in your office building safe and quickly away from any areas of danger.

BSEN3 standard fire extinguishers

We provide the different types of fire extinguishers your business will need based on your activity and potential fire hazards. Fire extinguishers are sorted by colour, which tells the user which type of fire it can safely tackle.
  • Red: This will contain water and foam, and is made to use on fires caused by organic materials such as wood, textiles, cardboard, paper etc.
  • Blue: This is made up of a powder, and used to douse fires caused by flammable metals.
  • Black: Filled with compressed CO2, these extinguishers are used to suppress electric fires by displacing the oxygen.

Built around your needs

Each building and business possesses unique characteristics that demand attention. Our consultants collaborate closely with you to optimise the installation of your fire suppression system, ensuring its maximum efficacy. In addition to system design, our comprehensive services extend to the installation and ongoing maintenance of our security solutions, providing you with genuine end-to-end support and service.

Why you need a SECOM fire suppression system

SECOM fire suppression services can’t prevent the outbreak of a fire, but they can hugely limit its destructive potential.

Health and safety

The lack of a proper fire suppression system can mean any fire can destroy a business, completely. While it may not be impossible to completely avoid fire, it is possible to mitigate its damage and make sure the business survives in the future.

Reduced insurance premiums

Insurance for businesses is centred around risks and the likelihood that those risks will become reality. Installing a fire suppression system in your business demonstrates to insurers that you've mitigated the risk of fire damage, potentially resulting in lower insurance quotes.

Stock and asset protection

Whether businesses are online or in-store, fire can cause equal damage to operations, stock and assets. A fire in a stock or computer room can result in the destruction of valuable stock or expensive equipment, which could be too expensive to replace.

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Protect your business in four simple steps

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Speak to one of our expert Consultants to discuss your needs and we'll arrange a free site survey.

Site visit & quote

We’ll visit your business to discuss your fire suppression system requirements and provide you with a detailed quote.


We’ll send a SECOM engineer to install the fire suppression services in your office building and show you how it all works.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with SECOM security and one year’s service.

Fire suppression services built around your specific needs

Each office building presents unique challenges when it comes to fire suppression. That’s why we don’t offer fixed rates for our fire suppression system installations. Instead, we invest the effort to understand your space and determine the optimal approach for maximum effectiveness in suppressing fires. This involves analysing your building’s layout to ensure comprehensive coverage and rapid response. Count on SECOM’s seasoned consultants and advisors to implement a tailored fire suppression system in your office building that aligns perfectly with your needs.

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Why choose SECOM?

At SECOM, we prioritise accreditation by major industry bodies and ongoing knowledge enhancement. With decades of successful global operation, we’ve positioned ourselves as leaders in safety and security. You can rely on our emergency lighting systems to consistently meet compliance standards amidst evolving regulations and legislation.

  • We’re a BAFE registered company
  • We are members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and regularly contribute to evolving standards
  • Members of the British Fire Consortium
  • We work closely with police and insurance professionals to refine our services
  • We are part of a global network operating in 13 countries and territories, providing expert security services


Why does a business need fire suppression services?

Fire suppression services are essential for businesses, particularly in ensuring swift and effective response during emergencies such as fires. These services enable rapid suppression of fires, minimising damage and ensuring the safety of occupants.Compliance with regulations is another crucial factor driving businesses to invest in fire suppression services. Regulatory bodies often require the installation of specific fire suppression systems in buildings to ensure compliance with safety standards and reduce legal liabilities for businesses.

How often does SECOM perform maintenance of its installed fire suppression systems?

We perform regular audits and checks on installed fire suppression systems. Since every business is different, we perform these checks at regular intervals that make sense for you and your business.

Speak to our teams about our audits and maintenance, and we will work with you to visit as regularly as you need.

Why does the fire suppression system in my office need to be bespoke?

No two offices are exactly the same, even if they were built that way. The businesses occupying them may have completely different uses for an identical space.

Maybe your office is at greater risk of fires from organic substances, so you would need more red band fire extinguishers to combat that possibility, or black if your business is a data centre that generates vast amounts of heat that could spark a fire in unfavourable conditions.

To provide truly robust protection against fire, we need to understand your business and its physical premises. Our fire suppression services excel when tailored products are matched with potential risks.

Is SECOM certificated by industry bodies?

SECOM is proud to be registered on the Fire Safety Registrar.

We are also contributing members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA).

Our alarm receiving centres (ARC) are accredited by the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), of which are a Gold member.

We are proud to be certificated by national industry bodies, and we are always working with our partners to understand how we can evolve and improve our wider fire and life safety systems, as well as our fire suppression services.

How else can you help me to protect my business?

We also offer our protection in the fields of fire life & safety, fire detection, fire stopping, PAVA systems, CCTV, access control systems, physical security and much more. Please mention to our experts if you’re looking to integrate multiple SECOM safety measures into your business.

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