Advanced security solutions for hospitals

Security at hospitals and surgeries is a serious issue. Healthcare providers have the right to feel safe as they work and must be able to provide medical care without risk. Equally, patients need to feel safe and at ease so that their recovery from illness and trauma is made easier and faster. At SECOM, we provide a wide range of integrated hospital security features that keep both staff and patients safe. From access control and CCTV monitoring to intruder alarms and patient tagging, our systems are built on state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum safety and security.

  • 24-hour managed security by a dedicated team of experts
  • A variety of reliable intruder alarms, CCTV systems and access controls
  • Consultation from a team of SECOM experts
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance from day one

Cost-effective surveillance solutions for your medical facility.

Making hospitals a safer place

Medical facilities can be surprisingly dangerous places to work for doctors, nurses, receptionists and other health professionals. Their work often involves dealing with incredibly sensitive items on-site too. Confidential patient records and more dangerous items, such as drugs and medical equipment, are often the targets of theft. In this environment, security is absolutely essential.

Patients will need to feel safe as they recover from injuries and illnesses, as any stress will be detrimental to the healing process. Yet, having security guards placed everywhere and in plain sight does not help them in their recovery. This also has to be balanced with the safety needs of staff who need to feel safe, secure and valued in order to carry out their jobs confidently and effectively.

SECOM has the experience to advise on and provide innovative electronic security systems that seamlessly integrate into the environment, preventing undue stress to patients and enabling medical staff to work without worry. Our team is here to help protect your health care facility and the people in it.

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