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Specialist fire safety solutions for your business

Protecting your staff and business from the potentially devastating effects of a fire requires specialist training and knowledge. At SECOM, our experienced Fire Design Engineers and Fire Consultants understand the challenges your business faces and will ensure every solution we provide is fully compliant and tailored to your requirements.

The safety of your staff and your business is paramount, so putting measures in place to protect them is a vital part of any business management process.  Updating your fire and life safety infrastructure, training and processes is essential for business continuity and staff welfare. At SECOM, we can help you at every stage of your safety journey.

Types of fire alarm system

We offer a wide range of open protocol wired and wireless fire alarm systems, all of which can be custom-designed to the exact requirements of your business:

Analogue Addressable – the reliable hard-wired solution for larger premises based on a central indicating panel and individually-identifiable field devices which provide an exact location for each activation.

Conventional – the original hard-wired solution for smaller premises, designed to give an indication of fire detection within a specific zone.  Trustworthy and reliable.

Wireless – no cables required! Designed for both large and small installations and ideally suited to listed sites and complex building layouts. Quick to install for fast and effective fire protection.

Tailored Fire Safety Solution

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Selecting appropriate fire products and services

Our priority is to provide you with high-quality fire safety solutions that protect your business and your staff, giving you complete peace of mind. This begins with an independent fire risk assessment carried out by our team of experienced Fire Designers and Consultants.

After this assessment, we design and specify a fire or life safety system tailored specifically to your business needs – one that is fully compliant and will effectively manage the identified risks and meet the Life Category requirement.

The entire process of designing, installing and maintaining your fire system is undertaken by our fully trained and audited designers and engineers, to give you the peace of mind you need to successfully run your business.

With a wide range of open protocol, wired and wireless products to choose from, our designers work closely with you to reduce the aesthetic impact of your selected fire alarm, ensuring it fits with the nature of your company or organisation.

The fire safety elements SECOM’s consultants can recommend are:

Products & Services

Fire detection

Your fire response begins with detection and raising the alarm, and it’s vital this is not hindered by a compromised power supply. Manual call points, battery-powered fire alarms and smoke detectors will ensure any incidents are discovered as soon as possible and the fire brigade is called.

  • Addressable fire detection systems
  • Automatic fire detectors and heat detectors
  • Integrated fire zones
  • Battery fire alarms
  • Fire alarm call points

Explore our range of fire detection devices

Fire extinguishers

Our comprehensive range of portable and fixed fire extinguishers and suppression systems can dramatically reduce the risk to life, stock and business continuity by limiting the spread of fire. Aside from our extensive range of portable extinguishers, we also provide design, installation and maintenance of fixed suppression equipment, including misting and sprinklers.

  • Portable Water, CO2, Foam, Dry Powder Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Misting Systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Design, Installation and Maintenance

Discover our Fire Suppression System

Fire stopping

As a FIRAS certified provider in fire stopping, our range of products and equipment will give you the protection you need to prevent the spread of a fire. Fire stopping is essential to reduce the devastation fires can cause to you and your business, protecting your people and your assets. Get comprehensive tailored fire stopping solutions for your business from our expert Physical division.

  • Fire doors
  • Sealants
  • Pipe collars and pipe wraps
  • Fire-rated paints and coatings
  • Fire-rated mortar
  • Fire-rated ablative batts

Learn more about our fire stopping solutions

Emergency lighting

Once a fire has been detected, it’s vital people on the premises know how to safely evacuate. At SECOM, we work closely with you to design an effective and BS5266-compliant emergency lighting system that helps to ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, in the event of a fire or power loss. Emergency lighting is an essential part of the fire and life safety portfolio we offer at SECOM.

  • Comprehensive range of emergency lighting units
  • Combined emergency lighting and directional fire signs
  • Industrial and architectural options
  • Energy efficient LED fittings
  • Design, installation and maintenance

Find out more about SECOM’s Emergency Lighting

PAVA System

Public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems are an essential part of your fire system, as they allow you to communicate clearly and concisely with all occupants of your premises.

In the event of a fire, they will be used to give the order to evacuate and can reinforce the signal given by alarm sounders that a fire has been detected.

Explore SECOM’s PAVA system


An emergency voice communication system (EVCS) will help disabled or mobility-impaired people to evacuate a building safely should there be a fire. It will also allow the fire brigade, emergency marshals and evacuees to communicate with each other successfully to prevent any confusion and keep everybody safe.

Learn more about EVCS

Evacuation Alert Systems

BS8629 compliant evacuation alert systems (EAS) specifically designed to assist the fire and rescue services (FRS) in evacuating high-rise residential buildings. Tragic events have resulted in the fire safety industry and the FRS developing systems to comply with stringent new standards. Our fire design and delivery teams have been trained to the highest standards to design, install and maintain EAS in line with BS8629 compliance.

Experts in fire prevention, detection and containment

Decades of market-leading experience don’t just happen by accident – SECOM has always upheld the highest standards of fire safety. As an ISO9001 and BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203 accredited company, we are independently inspected and technically audited on an annual basis to ensure we are on top of the latest legislation and fully compliant. We are also fully FIA accredited. To ensure we go the extra mile when it comes to high-quality service, our SECOM Fire Compliance team undertakes monthly internal audits covering all aspects of fire and life safety.

These prestigious accreditations mean a great deal to us as a company as it helps us provide our clients with the reassurance that SECOM can meet all their fire and life safety needs.  

We are continuously developing and expanding our fire services, which now include fire stopping, fire doors and fire shutters, courtesy of our state-of-the-art SECOM Physical Division.

If you’d like to speak to one of our experts from the fire team to understand how SECOM can help you protect your business and enhance your fire safety applications, then click on the button below.

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