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Key Safe

Key safes are the ultimate high-security solution for storing keys. Add one to your telecare package for £89.
  • Holds the title of ‘most secure mechanical key safe available’
  • Insurance approved
  • Over 4000 possible code combinations
  • Physically attack tested for three minutes
  • Internal key hook
  • Includes installation kit

What is Key Safe?

A key safe is a small, secure box that fixes to the outside of your home. It is opened with a unique code that you can share with us so that if you require assistance but can’t get to the door, the emergency services can gain access to your property without forcing entry.


Do you need a key safe?

Personal alarm services are a fast and effective way of alerting emergency services that you need help. Pairing your personal alarm with a key safe means that first responders can reach you straight away, no matter the time of day or whether you can answer the door. We recommend using a key safe if you live alone and don’t have an emergency contact living nearby.

Keyguard Digital XL

Keyguard Digital XL is an industry-leading key safe. It has achieved Police Preferred Specification and is the world’s first key safe to pass the independent test standard LPS1175 Issue 8.

The device allows homeowners to securely store their keys outside their homes so that friends and family or emergency services can respond immediately when an alarm is activated. Inside the safe is space for three-cylinder keys and on the outside is a lightweight, weather-resistant cover. The console features large, bright green numbers for ease of use and better visibility.

The benefits of Key Safe

5 year warranty

Police Preferred Specification

Weather resistant

Quick & easy to install

Enhance your service

We recommend using a key safe if you do not have an emergency contact living nearby. Your four-digit code is chosen by you and the only people who know it – and can therefore get to your keys – are you, your emergency contacts and us. We will only give your unique code to the emergency services if we call them on your behalf and you can’t answer the door.

Why choose SECOM

At SECOM, we have decades of experience in designing and delivering world-class security and care solutions. Our care technology products have been built to meet the demands of the industry – ensuring maximum performance and safety wherever they’re installed. We’ve worked with care professionals to hone our solutions to make a real difference in the lives of staff, patients, and care businesses.

We also offer a team of technical engineers, who are on hand 24/7 to provide support if you ever experience an issue. These SECOM engineers are experts in diagnosing problems and making quick repairs or replacements, so there’s minimal downtime in your operation.

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