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Personal Alarms for the Elderly

A personal alarm is an effective way to support elderly or disabled people living independently in their own home.

Here at SECOM, we offer a selection of wearables to give individuals and loved ones the peace of mind that should anything happen, help is just the push of a button away.

Peace of mind for families

Thousands of families across the UK have benefited from knowing there’s 24-hour monitoring in place should a loved one experience a medical emergency or a fall. Users can choose between a pendant, brooch or wrist strap depending on their preferences and easily send a signal to emergency contacts or the SECOM monitoring team.

SECOM Care App

Linking a personal alarm to a loved one’s smartphone couldn’t be easier with the SECOM Care App. When the alarm is triggered, an alert is sent to the devices of pre-registered emergency contacts, allowing them to handle the situation and decide on appropriate next steps.

If for any reason the emergency contacts are unavailable, SECOM’s monitoring centre will step in immediately. Trained personnel will assess the situation and contact the emergency services if that’s the appropriate action to take.

Futureproof care technology

Our personal alarms use built-in SIM cards to connect them to our monitoring centre. This means they don’t rely on landlines or the internet. As the UK prepares for traditional landlines to be switched off, you can rest assured there’ll be no need to update your personal alarm solution.

SECOM CareTech’s personal alarms

The benefits of choosing a CareTech personal alarm include:

  • Futureproof technology
  • Easy to install with minimal disruption
  • Instant alerts to a loved one’s smartphone
  • Select monitoring for at home, the garden or out and about
  • Wearables with two-way communication
  • Peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Monitoring provided by leading security provider SECOM
  • Free replacement of wearable in the event it breaks down

Selection of personal alarms available

Selecting the right personal alarm for an individual’s needs and circumstances is vital and we’re here to talk you through the options. As well as deciding on where to wear a device – on a pendant, on the wrist or via a brooch – it’s worth scrutinising the functionality that will be required.

While the all-important emergency button to call for help is a feature common on all personal alarms, there are other elements to consider too. Fall detectors ensure nobody ends up lying on the floor for long periods of time and GPS technology can help track an individual who may venture beyond their home or garden.

Care Hub

Care Hub comes with a waterproof wearable and is designed to monitor an individual in their own home. The base unit has a built-in microphone and speaker so the user can talk directly to a member of our monitoring team.

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Care Hub Plus

Care Hub Plus offers the additional peace of mind that comes from being equipped with fall detection technology. A ten-second pre-alarm sequence allows the wearer to cancel the alert if they haven’t experienced a fall. The device then glows to reassure the individual that help is on its way.

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Care Go

Care Go comes complete with built-in location tracking and a hands-free speakerphone. It enables individuals to venture beyond their front door, safe in the knowledge they are covered while outside of the house should they need any assistance.

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How much will a personal alarm cost?



Per month

Excluding VAT*

*There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) that covers the delivery and registration of your device.

The majority of people who require a personal alarm do so because they have a long-term health condition or a physical or mental disability. This usually means they’re exempt from VAT on their personal alarm costs.

There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) of CareTech personal alarms, followed by a monthly fee to cover device rental and monitoring.

Care Hub – £17.89 per month (£21.47 including VAT)

Care Hub Plus – £23.14 (£27.77 including VAT)

Care Go – £19.53 (£23.43 including VAT)

To find out more about SECOM’s range of personal alarms and which one is most likely to meet your needs, please get in touch today for your free consultation.

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