Staff Attack Alarms

State-of-the-art staff attack alarm systems for ultimate worker protection

The SECOM Staff Attack Alarm system offers premium protection for employees who may be at risk in the workplace. Deployable in healthcare, airport, retail and education environments amongst many others, our sophisticated software lets staff discreetly signal for assistance in the face of an escalating encounter, which may become hostile.

Our modular system is incredibly flexible and can be adapted to suit any requirements so regardless of the size of your operation, big or small, we’ll develop a solution that fits. What’s more, with a SECOM Care Technology system, you have complete control of your data, so you can manage your premises more effectively and efficiently.

Create a safer environment for your staff

SECOM’s advanced Staff Attack Alarm system works by equipping each employee with a wearable personal activation transmitter. The system has two levels whereby staff can either request “assistance” or report a potential “attack”. In the event of an attack, staff will tug the retaining clip, instantly sending out continuous attack signals to receiver units across areas on the premises that are covered by our Staff Attack Alarm system. The receiver transmits to display units, which sound the alarm and identify the exact location of the incident and the personnel involved in full alphanumeric text, so the organization can send reinforcements immediately.

Our flexibility means we can expand the system to cover additional internal or external areas within your facilities according to your requirements at any time. By enlisting our Staff Attack Alarm services your workers can be safe in the knowledge that they’re protected at all times, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

  • Bespoke for your business’ needs
  • Full design, installation and maintenance support from SECOM experts
  • Integration with new and existing care technology
  • 24-hour, 365-day peace of mind from day one

Infrared and Radio Technology

It is of paramount importance that Staff Attack Alarm Systems are totally reliable, so your workers can have complete confidence in the protection you are providing them with. This is why, at SECOM, we use a combination of advanced Infrared and Radio Technology, this ensures that when a member of staff is involved in an incident, they can be assisted as quickly as possible no matter where they are on site

By using both Infrared and Radio technology our Staff Attack Alarm’s signal strength is never compromised. So, regardless of whether an escalating encounter is in or outside of the premises we are able to determine its exact location.

Built-in “call follower” function

Each SECOM Staff Attack Alarm system has a built-in “call follower” function as standard. So that once an attack call has been made, the personal activation device continues to transmit attack signals which are picked up by the nearest internal or external receiver unit. This means that if the incident moves to another part of the premises, the location will still be tracked by our system and shown on the display.

Our systems are also designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and include a “tamper” feature which will raise an alert if a unit is being interfered with. For added peace of mind, an optional LED can be incorporated to flash when the system is fully operational.

Ideal for any environment

Our Staff Attack Alarm systems have been specially developed so that they can work in a number of different settings, guaranteeing peace of mind.

  • Education
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Airports

Designed to fit around your business’ needs

Every workplace is different and we’ve refined our Staff Attack Alarm system services so that they can be easily adapted to any environment. We can customise your package so that it includes options such as silent mode, which prevents alarms from aggravating critical scenarios. We also offer an additional feature, which zones in on areas so that only local incidents are displayed, particularly useful if a section of your facility is reporting repeat incidents.

Here at SECOM, we work diligently to ensure our Staff Attack Alarms are in line with the latest government guidance so your enterprise fulfils the relevant regulations. All of our alarms comply with both the Planning & Design – HBN 03-01 and the Health Care Technical Memorandum Adult Mental Health Units legislation.

Alarm management and reporting

Senior staff members can be assigned management provisions that enable them to reset an alarm once an incident has been resolved. They can do this by either sending out a reset signal via their own personal activation device or manually using a key switch at an Attack Fixed Display Unit. Workers can also be given radio pagers, which alerts them to incident locations and the level of assistance needed. As part of our service, SECOM provides easy-to-access, cloud-based alarm logging reports which offer historical analysis of call and response times.

Why choose SECOM

SECOM has been leading the way for Staff Attack Alarm solutions for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on the fact we’re a name people can trust. Our dedicated team continuously hones our practices so that we can provide the highest level of service and professionalism possible. SECOM engineers are on hand 24/7 to provide any maintenance support and answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to enhance your premises and better protect your workers, speak to us and receive your complimentary quote for Staff Attack Alarms today.

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