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Discover cost-efficient, smart guarding solutions from the experts in business security.

Our Smart Guarding services are specially designed to create a safer environment for your staff and your customers – lessening the need for manned guards.

  • Intelligent security solutions for any business environment
  • 'Always on' security with 24/7, 365 day coverage from installation
  • Saves hiring costs and training time on traditional manned guarding
  • Remote Smart Guard intervention remove the need for staff confrontation
  • Crystal clear CCTV imaging for easy offender indentification and prosecution
  • Trusted experts in security solutions
  • Low cost installation

Reduce your reliance on traditional manned guarding with Secom virtual guarding and deliver a return on investment in as soon as four weeks or less.

Secom Smart Guarding offers a cost-effective security solution to businesses – reducing and in some instances effectively removing the need for permanent manned guarding whilst creating safer environments for everyone.

Our revolutionary technological guarding alternative is deployed with low-cost installation and complimented by our remote Smart Guarding service, which is always on hand when needed. This means our service charges are far, far lower than the cost of a permanent manned guard.

Smart Guarding delivers ROI within a matter of weeks, so you’re not spending money on manned security when it’s not needed. At Secom, we guarantee that you only pay for the security you need, when you need it, removing the physical presence and implementing smarter safeguards for your business.

With Secom Virtual Guard, you get 24/7 access to trained Secom operatives who are on-hand to assess security threats and intervene to diffuse situations via our bespoke announcement systems. Where required, they will also notify and communicate with the police to deal with criminal behaviour. When combined with Secom’s Intelligence & Investigations services, Virtual Guard provides a powerful tool to combat repeat offenders, with our investigators profiling repeat offenders and then liaising directly with local law enforcement to take action.

Our Intel teams can work with your business to identify peak offender times to help you determine when and where you may still need manned guards – reducing spend and creating new ‘guard rotas’ in real time.

Backed by over 30 years of experience, you can trust SECOM to deliver expertise and quality.

We've been providing smart guarding solutions for major businesses across the UK

State-of-the-art products for every environment

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Smart CCTV Cameras

Best deployed on external perimeter for prevention and in ‘active’ theft areas, as well as tills and entrance points for maximum coverage internally

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Virtual Guard

Our highly trained operators immediately assess the video footage, to get a clear understanding of what caused the activation, and can issue a live voice challenge

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IP Speakers & Microphones

We deploy two-way audio transmission to allow us to determine and diffuse potentially hostile situations

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Smart Assistance App

Technology for staff to quickly alert Secom experts and authorities about developing situations

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4G Secure Connection

Our systems include a secure wireless router for seamless, always-on connectivity to SECOM without the need for a separate internet connection

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