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    Not ready for a personal alarm?

    Personal alarms are proven to help those at risk of a fall or medical emergency. But personal alarms aren’t for everyone, which is why we’ve created Smart Wellness, an innovative smart home monitoring system that doesn’t require wearables. Wellness uses an array of detectors and sensors customised to your needs to monitor activity in your loved one’s home.

    Notifications are sent to your smart device so you are instantly made aware of whether your family member is active or inactive. The Wellness platform on our smart app provides a full overview of activity and generates reports so you can see their routine or notice patterns of unusual behaviour.

    If you or a loved one isn’t ready to wear a personal alarm but needs that extra support to maintain independent living, then Wellness may be the solution. Our smart home monitoring system is a great alternative to traditional telecare and more cost-effective than care homes, offering peace of mind for the whole family.

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    With 3 unique offerings you can find
    a personal alarm that works for you.

    Care Hub

    Combing the freedom of a pendant alarm with an in-home alert system, Care Hub offers instant help with emergencies at home.

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    Care Hub Plus

    Care Hub Plus offers all of the Care Hub package, with the added benefit of fall detection – a sophisticated technology that can tell if you’ve fallen over.

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    Care Go

    Feel confident out and about with Care Go, a discreet GPS alarm with 2-way emergency communication to ensure your loved one is always protected.

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    How our personal alarm service works

    Wear your alarm

    You can wear your device on a necklace or wristband. Keep it with you at all times, even in the bath or shower.

    Press the button

    If you feel unwell, suffer a fall or need help in an emergency, press the button on your pendant alarm.

    SECOM Care app

    Your emergency contacts will be notified right away. They can respond to your alarm or escalate it to us.

    24-Hour monitoring

    If your emergency contacts aren’t available, we’ll step in right away. We’ll assess the situation and call the emergency services if you need them.

    What sets SECOM CareTech apart?

    SECOM’s personal alarms and smart home monitoring systems link directly to our world-class alarm receiving centre, where some of the UK’s best trained security specialists monitor alarms 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with direct contact to the emergency services.

    If you want the very best for your loved one, don’t get just any personal alarm. Get one monitored by a leading authority in UK security.


    Value for money

    Panic alarms are a great alternative to more expensive care services. If you have a long-term health condition or disability, you may be entitled to VAT exemption, reducing the cost of your alarm by 20%.

    Let us know when placing your order if you qualify for VAT relief or need help assessing your entitlement. We will explain the criteria over the phone and make sure you pay the lowest price.

    Better, care faster

    When you press the emergency button on your alarm, the device will send an alert to our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) and your close family and friends via the SECOM Care app.

    If you require medical assistance, our response team will call for an ambulance and pass on your medical history to the paramedics so they are better prepared when they arrive.

    Your CareTech questions answered

    Who uses our personal alarm service?

    SECOM CareTech supplies monitored personal alarms to older adults, people with disabilities and those who are frail, vulnerable or live alone. Our alert systems allow elderly and disabled people to raise an alarm at the press of a button, letting friends and family or a dedicated response centre know they need help. Before buying an alarm you may ask yourself, why don’t users simply use their phones? But the truth is, those who are at risk of a fall or becoming ill don’t always get to their phones in time. A telecare device means you or a loved one is always protected, even in the bath or shower. Take a look at our range. We supply pendant alarms, fall alarms and GPS alarms.

    Why choose SECOM CareTech?

    With over 30 years’ experience in the field, we are a leading name in security solutions. Our global network operates in 12 countries and protects thousands of people every day. Whether you or a loved one is elderly, disabled or has a medical condition, our personal alarm systems are specially designed for those who need a little extra support, and can help you stay safe and live independently for longer. CareTech services are discreet, reliable and easy to use. Get in touch now to find out more. Our team of experts is always on hand to answer your questions and offer support.

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