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Advanced security solutions for Local Authorities and Governments

As a public-facing sector, local authorities require a wide-ranging variety of security solutions to ensure the safety of not only their staff, but of the public that frequent offices and internal departments. Furthermore, authorities need robust security measures that guarantee the safety of equipment, without creating inefficiencies or backlogs that impinge how departments work. It’s a balancing act – ensuring protection for everyone, without impacting day-to-day activities.

SECOM’s state-of-the-art local authority security solutions are the ultimate way to deliver peace of mind for any establishment building. While you will not need to protect from intruders, as the areas are open to all, you will need to make sure they are safe places where residents can travel freely and without fear. This means investing in security systems that will make sure your community doesn’t have to worry about crime and vandalism.

  • 24-hour managed security for local authorities and public sector buildings
  • A variety of reliable intruder alarms and CCTV systems
  • Consultation from a team of SECOM experts
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance from day one
Remote audit

Don’t waste time and money auditing staff and procedures internally. Get a clearer, more accurate view of your business’ performance with Remote Audit, a quality assessment service that allows you to virtually ‘drop in’, check on staff and aggregate customer data.

Integrated security solutions for public buildings

SECOM works with local authorities to ensure that people feel safe in their local community. This means creating bespoke security solutions that fit with each neighbourhood’s specific needs. Your public buildings and spaces will have their own unique quirks that make planning and designing their security systems difficult. However, we have plenty of experience in this field.

For your buildings, we have a range of intruder alarms that will keep people from breaking in or entering areas where sensitive information is kept. Similarly, we can outfit your facilities with door entry systems to control who is able to access certain rooms, enabling you to keep areas of your building as safe as possible.

Securing public spaces for everyone

In public spaces, you cannot control who travels through. However, you can easily monitor them remotely so that should anyone start committing a crime, you can respond immediately. Our CCTV solutions are designed for exactly this.

You might find that the mere presence of security systems in your public spaces will make your community safer, acting as a deterrent for people looking to commit any wrongdoings. However, you will need somebody monitoring things 24 hours a day – a service SECOM provides – just in case.

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