Maximise the efficiency of your manned guarding spend

Manned guarding management

Manned guarding has been proven to reduce crimes and violent incidents by acting as a visual deterrent for would-be perpetrators. Despite the benefits, it can be an extremely costly process, especially for multi-site businesses. How do you know your guards are being deployed effectively? Wouldn’t it be better to know that you only pay when you need them?

Our intelligent service can help you produce a data driven guarding rota. Taking out the guesswork, you can make sure your guards are deployed when and where they’re needed most.

Time saving

Low cost

  • Maximise your manned guarding spend where you need it and cut wastage
  • Use your guards to fit your security strategy with insight and input from our team
  • Feed in multiple data sets to get the most accurate view of activity

Using all of the data sets provided, our team can provide you with an accurate and cost-efficient manned guarding rota to maximise your security investment. You will be provided with a dedicated, support analyst who will support you throughout the process, and discuss your strategy to make sure your rota reflects what you want to achieve and that makes sure you have the deterrents you need in the right place, at the right time.

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