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Retail insight from SECOM

Do you truly understand how your customers use your store? Do you know exactly when your busiest time is? Do you lose any customers due to queuing time? You probably have some idea, but are your hypotheses based on actual data, or just your best guess?

Put customer data to your in-store experience with Retail Insight from SECOM. Our advanced technology allows you to capitalise on buying opportunities, effectively manage your staffing rota, and even anticipate health and safety issues.

People Counter

Queue Manager

Heat Map

POS Integration

  • Measure in-store occupancy numbers precisely to establish patterns and operating peeks, allowing you to staff appropriately
  • Inform your product placement with our heatmap software and floor plan visualisation to understand customer hotspots
  • Monitor the true impact of your queue times to reduce the likelihood of abandonment, and redeploy staff to open and close checkouts at the right times

SECOM’s state-of-the-art insight software allows you to make smarter retail decisions based on accurate, easy to interpret data.

Our reporting suits all levels of user, from in depth figures for data analysts, to clear shop floor plan imagery for those actioning findings in-store. The software is easy to install, and can work using your existing CCTV cameras, so you can make your systems work harder and smarter for you.

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