With a wide range of security companies across Leeds, we stand head and shoulders above the rest. SECOM security solutions are trusted all over the country, ranging from national banks to homeowners.

Protecting Leeds with comprehensive security solutions

Businesses, homeowners, and public sector organisations in and around the city of Leeds rely on SECOM to safeguard them against fire and various security risks.

As the largest city in Yorkshire, Leeds boasts a rich history of industry and innovation. Formerly a prominent centre of wool manufacturing and textiles, today’s Leeds hosts a diverse array of thriving businesses across sectors such as finance, healthcare, and technology. Renowned for its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, the city attracts startups, established companies, and educational institutions alike, drawn to its dynamic environment and opportunities for growth.

Like many cities, Leeds has its own security issues to deal with. Even with a lot of work to improve safety, some threats still exist. Shoplifting is a problem that many businesses in Leeds have to deal with. The exact numbers may change, but shoplifting shows that strong security is needed to stop theft and protect Leeds businesses.

Statistics indicate that the typical expense of robberies and break-ins spanning two years can amount to roughly £14,000 for a business. When considering all affected businesses, this number escalates into the millions.

Homeowners can anticipate the expense of a home robbery to be approximately £3,030, with a notable portion of this attributed to the emotional distress of being present during the incident.

As a well-established security company in Leeds with extensive experience within the region, we stand ready to offer highly effective solutions to address any safety concerns you may encounter.

Our Leeds office

The doors to our Leeds office first swung open in 2008, when we began offering security systems to Leeds-based businesses, homeowners and other organisations. It serves as our primary regional office for the Northern region and is fully staffed with specialists from every function.

The SECOM Leeds office houses the National Service Bureau (NSB) and Remote Service Desk (RSD) teams, which are here 24/7 for customers. NSB is responsible for receiving all customer reactive services, while the RSD teams are responsible for providing remote fixes for customers when possible, to avoid sending out engineers.

17 members of staff operate across our usual services, while 6 are specially devoted to HSS operations.

Where to find us

Our head office is in Kenley, Surrey, but our main office in the North of England is situated in Leeds.

You can visit our Leeds office for short demonstrations on how some of our security products work, and speak more closely with the technical members of our team to find out how we can protect your business.

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