Digital evidence management system

Take the hassle out of evidence sharing without compromising on security

The increase in digital evidence from CCTV, body-worn cameras and submitted footage can cause headaches for retailers and businesses when it comes to sharing this evidence securely with the police and other official bodies. Many readily-available, digital transfer solutions don’t meet the strict security requirements and are unlikely to be accepted, causing administration issues, lost evidence and time spent travelling to site to collect hard copies of footage.

SECOM REACT takes the hassle out of the evidence sharing process, allowing you to spend time focussing on what you do best, removing compliance concerns and increasing the chance of conviction.

Reduce Existing Costs

No Physical Contact Needed

Police Adopted

GDPR Compliant

  • Save time and unnecessary journeys to collect footage from the site with our cloud based server
  • The secure transition ensures CCTV footage is not lost, leading to a timelier investigation, and less wasted police time
  • Individual tracked logins allow multiple users to retrieve and view footage
  • Footage can be redacted to ensure you are compliant with GDPR when sharing any information

All digital uploads are shared within minutes, streamlining your evidence sharing process and removing the need for you, or your local police force to visit your site. Everything you send can be viewed within the REACT platform, and relevant items can be downloaded to their desktop safely and securely.

There’s no time limit on storage. All shared files will be kept active on the SECOM REACT platform until you request they are deleted, reducing the risk of losing anything that could be needed in future.

Team with investigations for an end-to-end service

Our in-house investigators can help you report, manage and investigate any incidents. Our team is available to take the lead on any active investigation, ensuring you the best possible outcome and allowing you the time to focus on growing and running your business.

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