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SECOM Enhances Security for a Major Financial Organisation

SECOM Uses Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension to Enhance Security for a Major Financial Organiation

One industry sector in which security is always a high priority is banking and financial services. Systems such as access control and intruder alarms are vital for maintaining a safe and secure environment for people, property and assets. Security specialist SECOM has worked with organisations in this sector for many years. Since 2010, one of its clients has been a major High Street financial services organisation that has over 1,000 retail outlets and numerous ATM locations. The client recently decided that it needed to replace its ageing electronic security estate – especially the intruder alarm systems.

Choosing a suitable solution

This led to a rigorous evaluation project, during which SECOM presented the organisation with a number of options for consideration. Subsequently, the financial institution decided to install Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension control system equipment on a number of its sites as a pilot project.

Terry Taylor, who led the project for SECOM, explains: “Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension is one of the industry’s most recognised commercial security control panels. It offers fully integrated intruder detection and door control. The system can be wired or wireless and can be used to control a large number of zones and doors. It’s very user-friendly, with a touchscreen keypad. The ability to maintain it remotely was also a major benefit and cost saving for our client.”

This trial was successful, so the organisation then put out tenders for project costs to replace the intruder alarms across the entire estate. SECOM was one of the bidders and was successful in being awarded the contract for upgrading the systems. The financial institution particularly valued SECOM’s wealth of knowledge in the security arena and the extensive experience of its engineers, including detailed knowledge of the Honeywell range.

Honeywell provided SECOM with consultation and support wherever needed to ensure that the launch of this new project was seamless, especially as it was potentially very complex. Terry Taylor comments: “We had to ensure that the customer’s security coverage was intact at all times and that its systems were kept fully operational throughout the replacement programme.”

Facing unexpected challenges

Various other trades were involved in the project, including a project management consultancy employed by the financial institution. However, some additional challenges arose from an unexpected source. This was because Phase One of the project was originally due to start in February 2020. Unfortunately, the global Covid-19 pandemic was also rearing its ugly head and was about to transform the whole working environment.

SECOM therefore worked closely with the project management team to revise this first phase. The safety of all employees was a major priority, so the decision was made to replace the alarm equipment at all of the organisation’s ATM sites (most of which are in standalone premises) before starting work in the retail branches. This ensured that everyone involved in the project could follow social distancing and the other government guidelines more easily, which helped to keep all workers safe during this phase.

However, other related challenges also had to be overcome. For instance, at various times throughout the year, lockdowns and other restrictions meant that visits often had to be rearranged at the last minute. The furloughing of employees also caused delays, and SECOM often had to contact third parties who were joint key holders in order to access premises. Despite such issues, the team was able to address and overcome the different hurdles and to keep the programme on track.

Phase One of the project involved upgrades to 482 sites and eventually started in earnest in June 2020. It ran successfully throughout the year despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic. SECOM completed all of the upgrades to the ATM sites by January 2021.

Moving forward

SECOM is currently moving forward with Phase 2 of the project. This will involve the replacement of the intruder detection and alarm systems in over 1,000 branches and small offices throughout the UK and Ireland. Honeywell’s Galaxy Dimension family also includes access control capabilities on a small scale. These will be installed, along with some new doors, in some of the institution’s small and medium-sized branches. The access control system can also be operated remotely if required.

SECOM is working closely with the project management consultancy and the financial institution with the aim of creating a realistic programme that takes current restrictions into account. The plans will need to be closely monitored as Government guidelines could change at any time if there is another surge in infections. In addition, different countries and areas within the UK might have different regulations.

Success through adaptability

The project management consultancy commented that it has no doubt that the SECOM team will complete the project successfully. It added that SECOM has been key to the success of Phase 1, due to the outstanding commitment of Terry Taylor and SECOM’s operational team.

Meanwhile, the financial services institution also praised the complete project team for their quick-thinking approach and for ensuring the continuity of this project despite the challenges they had to face. The organisation recognised the huge contribution that Terry Taylor and his team made to the initial alarm replacement project, which was internally named as ‘Project of the Year’ by the organisation. The institution’s management team commended and congratulated SECOM for the project team’s hard work.

SECOM has worked closely with Honeywell throughout the project. Terry Taylor comments: “Honeywell pulled out all of the stops to ensure that we met and exceeded all of the customer’s requirements. They’ve been a pleasure to work with. The delivery of their equipment has been on time despite the challenges caused by both Brexit and the pandemic – and Honeywell always provided an excellent level of support to SECOM and the rest of the project team.”


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