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SECOM Supports Child Safety Media Event

SECOM’S Personnel Discuss Safety Issues with Year Six Pupils at Junior Citizen Event

As a market-leading provider of security and fire safety solutions, SECOM plc is committed to using its expertise to help the local community. This has led to a powerful partnership with Child Safety Media, a leading UK provider of child safety events, for the second year running. Through this collaboration, SECOM has been providing engaging workshops, educating over 700 children on essential safety measures. These include staying safe when home alone, fire safety and awareness about various security services.

Enhancing safety in the local community

One of Child Safety Media’s events is its Junior Citizen Child Safety programme – which includes an annual initiative in SECOM’s local district of Tandridge. In 2022, SECOM was the sole sponsor of this event, which educates and alerts children about a wide range of common dangers.

In 2023, the company wanted to go a step further after understanding the importance of the previous year’s programme. It decided to participate actively in the event as well as sponsoring it.

The 2023 programme was aimed at Year 6 pupils, 10 to 11 years old, and was held over eight days in October. Thirteen SECOM personnel from departments such as Sales, Control and Command, Elite Services, and Marketing. Staff at all levels of seniority (directors, heads of department and other executives) took part in the safety education workshops, taking time away from their usual
day-to-day work activities. They discussed a wide range of security issues with the children, including fire safety and safety tips for when they are at home alone. The workshops were designed to be informative, engaging, fun and interactive, so that the pupils could grasp the different safety concepts and take them on board whilst enjoying the whole experience.

The SECOM personnel also took the opportunity to tell those present about the wide array of security services offered by the company and how they relate to the children’s everyday lives. They engaged and involved the pupils through presentations, discussions, questions and quizzes to give the children insights into how SECOM contributes to safeguarding communities. They also covered everyday safety items such as video doorbells, intruder alarms and smoke detection, and encouraged the pupils to share their experiences, reinforcing their understanding of the safety issues involved.

Working together for a safer environment

A range of other agencies also took part in the event. They included Network Rail and British Transport Police; NHS School Nurses; Hope UK; Thames Basin Heath Partnership; and the South East Coast Ambulance Service. There was also a VIP day, attended by Councillor Chris Botten, Chairman of Tandridge District Council; Satoru Awano, the Managing Director of SECOM plc; SECOM’s Corporate Planning Manager, Tatsuya Okamoto; and senior managers from the other organisations involved. Councillor Botten gave a strong speech about how impactful and important the programme is for Year 6 pupils.

Satoru Awano comments: “SECOM is proud to be sponsoring the Child Safety Media event, as we recognise the crucial importance of empowering Year 6 children during their transition to secondary school. We are committed to providing valuable safety tips, to ensure they are equipped to navigate their newfound independence confidently. Together, we will foster a safer environment for the future generation.”

The child safety event proved to be a great opportunity for young students to be provided with practical knowledge, given directly by people who are security professionals. It was a perfect example of CSR in action. Satoru Awano continues: “Even though we are in the business world, the sense of being connected with society is important.” Tatsuya Okamoto agrees: “This was a fantastic opportunity and strengthens our company’s connections with the local community, as schools and students took part in the event with great interest.”

An enjoyable and successful occasion

The initiative was well received by the children, who participated enthusiastically in the various activities, including the interactive quiz sessions, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They all seemed to have taken something positive away from the event. They also talked about their experiences when at home alone, and about whether they have CCTV or burglar alarms. One ten-year old even confessed that she’d baked cakes for her parents whilst home alone, to the horror of her teacher!

The event wasn’t only beneficial to the pupils, but also to the SECOM employees who took part. They all enjoyed representing SECOM in the local community and were keen to take part again in this and other activities in the future. Some said that they’d discovered a new confidence and an eagerness to share their knowledge and experience with members of the community.

Lauren Michael, SECOM’s Head of Marketing and Communications, says: “It was a pleasure to partner with Child Safety Media for the Tandridge Junior Citizen Event. It provided a meaningful opportunity to empower and educate young minds, making a positive difference in our community. SECOM is proud to have been able to dedicate the time and resources to take part in the Junior Citizen Event.”

Matthew Bowden from SECOM’s Internal Sales team adds: “Apart from the obvious value of contributing to educational projects like this, hopefully our appearance will help to raise the profile of our company in the region – and maybe we just inspired some of the next generation of SECOM employees!”

An ongoing CSR commitment

SECOM’s involvement in the Tandridge Junior Citizen Child Safety Event underlines its commitment to community welfare. By combining financial support with active participation, the company not only sponsored the event but also became an integral part of it. Through its collaboration with Child Safety Media, SECOM has been able to educate over 700 children on essential safety measures. The event’s success again highlights the importance of collaboration between businesses and the local community in creating a safer and well-informed society.

Lauren Michael concludes: “SECOM has a long-standing commitment to ensuring the safety and security of communities. It’s great to see the company taking part in such an important programme that imparts life-long information that will help to keep young people safe. Our dedication to child safety has apparently left a lasting impact on the local Tandridge community. It serves as just one example of our continuing commitment to corporate social responsibility.”


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