Lone Worker

Lone Worker Protection

Lone workers are often the most vulnerable employees as they are more susceptible to face greater risks such as violence, verbal abuse, and environmental or task-based hazards with little or no help.

Risk assessments into the potential dangers for employees working alone may lead you to look at investing in SECOM’s lone worker protection solutions.

Equipping your staff with our safety devices that feature an alarm with smart systems could be the best way to enforce lone worker safety throughout your workforce.

Lone Worker Safety

Protecting your lone working staff is critical to make them feel valued, secure and happier, but most importantly safe in their working environment. It is up to your organisation to provide safety measures for people who work alone or without close supervision.

It is your responsibility to adhere to your duty of care and health and safety, and SECOM can help with that by offering our products, services and expertise in security which can enhance your lone worker policy to give you and your lone worker employees peace of mind.

SECOM’s Lone Worker Device

SECOM’s lone worker device Go Protect is an innovative piece of technology that provides lone workers with the backup they need when faced with difficult situations. This includes the ability to record audio and capture evidence of abuse, as well as sounding an alarm to call for help discreetly in challenging circumstances.

Go Protect has a long life battery and is linked to the lone worker app which is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to know exactly where your employees are with GPS tracking so you can conduct live monitoring when required. These features enable you to fulfil your duty of care to staff remotely, even when they are away from your business premises, and involve the emergency services if needed, should they get into trouble.


Personal Tracking and Security

SECOM are able to offer that extra level of security to your key holders with personal tracking solutions to help minimise risks and increase support. It is important to protect key holders as they protect businesses by responding to alarm activations and disturbances.

Go Protect will help key holders feel more secure in a vulnerable or high risk situation. The inbuilt microphone and speaker allows direct 2-way communication with SECOM’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). They are fully accredited and always at the other side so your lone worker is not alone when an alarm is raised. Our dedicated operators are on hand 24/7. They are able to locate lone workers through GPS tracking and reach the emergency services should an urgent alert arise.

  • Easy to wear device to feel non-invasive
  • Silent and discreet to keep alarm unnoticed in an emergency
  • Alerts for automatic fall detection or period of no movement
  • 1-2 month battery life and wireless charging
  • 24/7 monitoring for worker’s peace of mind
  • BS8484 accredited Control and Command centre
  • Automatic audio recording for gathering evidence
  • Alert escalation to assigned contact of your choice
  • IP67 water rated keeping you safe whatever the weather
Status Check Button

For added peace of mind, the Status Check provides feedback on the strength of the GSM network signal, GPS coverage and battery life. This ensures the device is always working at optimum levels.

Man Down Functionality

In the event of a lone worker being incapacitated due to a fall or an unexpected health issue the Go Protect device will detect a fall and a period of no movement and then signal an alarm. The SECOM ARC will then be contacted and are able to speak to the user and send for emergency if needed.

SECOM’s Manned Response Centre

With the press of a button, your staff can send an alarm to ARC where the alert will be received instantly. Go Protect allows 2-way and discreet communication and GPS so our operators can contact you, call for assistance, or organise emergency services if required.



As one of the largest electronic security providers in the UK, SECOM is trusted by multiple well-known brands. We have been recognised by Forbes magazine as among the 100 most innovative companies in the world, demonstrating our drive to continue to develop security solutions for businesses.

Show your employees you value their personal security by tasking our dedicated team to keep them safe while working alone. We will assess the individual needs of your staff and implement a strategy that’s fit for purpose and reassuring for both individual workers and bosses.

  • Peace of mind from day one
  • Innovative personal safety technology
  • Integrated recording device
  • End-to-end installation and maintenance by trained experts

Talk to SECOM about how we can help your business to protect lone workers today.

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