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Having business security is a critical requirement when it comes to protecting your people and your premises. If intruders get onto your premises they can steal or damage thousands of pounds worth of property, severely harming your company. Your offices, factories and warehouses all need to be kept safe and secure, along with your staff and clients.

You have a variety of options available to you, all of which SECOM can provide. We can make sure every different facet of your business is protected, from the valuables in your head office to the staff working in your warehouses.

Integrated security for staff, property and clients

SECOM can provide a range of integrated business security solutions to make sure your resources, staff, and the people you do business with are as secure as they can be. This is essential if you want to run a company with a good reputation, as any criminal incidents will reflect badly on you as well as being costly.

From intruder alarms and door-entry systems to CCTV and remote response, SECOM has the solution for all your business security needs. We will make sure that nobody is able to enter your company premises who is not supposed to be there, thus keeping your staff safe from harm and your property safe from theft and damage.

Cost-effective alternatives to manned security

Traditionally, large companies tend to invest in manned security systems, with people on the payroll whose job simply involves protecting the premises. While this was once the best option, nowadays it is more affordable and effective to opt for automated systems such as those that SECOM can provide.

Many companies have made significant cost savings by replacing manned security with an integrated CCTV and remote monitoring solution. This can easily be done without compromising the level of security thanks to modern technology.

Furthermore, we can do all the work for you, preventing the need for extensive security consultations and design work. We can plan out a bespoke security solution for you, install it and even monitor it once everything has been completed. This ensures you will be as safe as possible. Our innovative smart guarding solution may be the one just for you.


With modern and discreet dome, bullet and box cameras, as well as optional mobile connectivity, protect your staff and customers, property and goods from potential risk with a 24-hour surveillance solution from SECOM.

Business security solutions for your premises

Intruder alarms

From a commercial perspective, unauthorised access is a challenge faced by business owners from virtually every industry sector. From a financial point of view, it is essential to make sure your stock and property are sufficiently secured, and from a personal point of view, you have a responsibility to protect your customers and staff too. Our fully integrated intruder detection technology enable you to do this effectively, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For added protection, our wireless business intruder alarms are continuously monitored, and can be tailored specifically for your company. Find out more about our intruder alarms.


When running any business, there are always a number of demands to meet financially. In order to meet these requirements, it is important to make sure your business is not losing profits unnecessarily, through problems such as theft or vandalism. As experts in the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems for more than 30 years, we are well placed to offer surveillance cameras that are best suited to your sector. We will even work with you to design a system that is tailored to the unique needs of your premises. As well as high quality images and footage, our business CCTV cameras will be installed by professional engineers. Find out more about our CCTV solutions.

Access control

In order to ensure your premises is as safe as possible for your employees, clients and customers, it’s imperative to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to restricted areas of your building. SECOM’s business access control systems are an effective way of controlling this and our experienced designers are on hand to help you select the access security solutions that best suit the layout and operation of your premises. We’re proud to offer a variety of intelligent electronic systems to support small, medium and large businesses in any sector. Find out more about access control.

Fire and life safety

We understand the devastation that fires can cause to a business, which is why we are experts in fire safety and business security armed with prestigious accreditations to ensure your business is in the safest hands. We want to give business owners peace of mind and the best possible protection they need in order to minimise the destruction and disruption in the event of a fire emergency. We have a range of products and solutions from fire detection, fire suppression, fire stopping and emergency lighting, to fully equip your premises to make it as safe as possible. Find out more about fire and life safety.

Physical Security

Our innovation expands through to our physical security solutions. From external protection such as shutters, gates, grilles, anti-ram posts, bollards, and fencing, internal protection ranging from safes, automated and revolving doors, even fire stopping, you can give your premises full protection to deter and prevent critical damage to your home or business. Our solutions are designed, created and installed by our expert Physical division. If you need something protecting they will be able to come up with a creative, bespoke solution for you to suit all your needs and requirements. Find out more about physical security

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