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There are hundreds, if not thousands of security companies across London, but few have the pedigree and experience SECOM does. We’ve assisted numerous businesses, homeowners, and public sector buildings in safeguarding against fire, intrusion, trespassing, and various other threats.

Security systems for London’s organisations and homeowners

Businesses, homeowners, and public sector organisations across London rely on SECOM to safeguard them against fire and diverse security risks.

The nation’s capital is a melting pot of industries, including finance, technology, fashion, and tourism. As a global financial centre and cultural hub, London’s bustling streets are teeming with innovation and diversity, drawing in businesses and talent from around the world.

Despite being one of the more affluent areas of the city, North London, like any urban centre, faces its share of security challenges. However, with SECOM’s tailored security solutions, clients in North London can have peace of mind knowing that their properties and assets are protected in this dynamic and bustling part of the city.

Research has shown that the average cost of robberies and break-ins can cost a business around £14,000, over a two-year period. This number rises into the millions when every affected business is accounted for.

If your home gets robbed, it could set you back around £3,030. And it’s not just about the money – being there when it happens takes a real emotional toll.

As a leading security company in London, backed by decades of experience serving British organisations and homeowners, we’re dedicated to providing you with optimal solutions for addressing your safety needs. With our advanced security systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that you and your property are protected when it matters most.

Our North London office

Our office in North London is based in Hainault, at Ash Lodge. The North London office performs two functions: it performs our usual SECOM Plc activities, and is home to our High Security Services (HSS) division, which looks after major financial sector customers and high security government agencies.

The Ash Lodge office is operated by 10 members of staff, which responds to all UK South customer reactive service requests and PPMs.

Office Address

Ash Lodge
Peregrine Road

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Monday 09:00-17:30
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