6 Benefits of Personal Alarms

Personal alarms have been around since the early 1970s. They’ve saved thousands of lives since then as people have seen the benefits of personal alarms, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve really started to make a name for themselves, giving more people peace of mind while enjoying independent living.

It’s a mystery as to why these powerful little devices have been overlooked for so long when they have the potential to transform an elderly person’s life. Now’s the time to put pendant alarms in the spotlight! Read on to find out the benefits of personal alarms and reasons for opting for a personal alarm.

1. Get help fast

The main advantage of owning a personal alarm is being able to call for help quickly. Unlike a phone, they can be worn throughout the day and raise an alarm automatically if you fall. CareTech by SECOM’s personal alarms are even waterproof, so you don’t have to take them off when you bathe.

If your elderly loved one suffers from a long-term health condition, a personal alarm could make all the difference in an emergency. Personal alarms are proven to reduce the time it takes for older people to receive medical attention and are invaluable in the event of a stroke or heart attack.

Falls are common in the elderly, so it’s important to be aware they could happen. Instead of limiting your activities, this knowledge should help you put measures in place to protect yourself should you fall in your own home or garden and a fall alarm for the elderly should be an intrinsic part of your plan.

A fall alarm has sensors that are automatically triggered if your gait changes or your movements are unusual. That means you can get help even if you’re not able to push the emergency button on your pendant alarm. If you’re not in any difficulty, you can simply shake the fall detection device to deactivate the alert.

2. Stay independent

Safe personal alarms help elderly people maintain their independence. They are a great alternative to live-in care, and many older people prefer them to moving into a care home.

Sometimes elderly relatives worry that using a pendant alarm will make them less independent. But the fact is, the exact opposite is true. Personal alarms are designed to make you feel more confident living on your own and reduce your reliance on others.

They have been found to be an effective strategy to obtain immediate assistance and prevent a ‘long lie’ should the wearer experience a fall. Selecting a personal alarm should always be done in conjunction with the individual who will be wearing it and they can decide whether to put it around their neck, wrist or on a keyring.

3. Save money

In comparison to care services like home help and residential care, personal alarms are very reasonable. The cost of hiring a personal alarm with 24-hour monitoring is usually no more than £400 per year, and you can reduce the cost of renting an alarm by paying annually.

Many of the people who might be considering an elderly personal alarm could qualify for a VAT exemption. This could be because they have a long-term condition that means they don’t have to pay the 20 per cent tax, making a personal alarm and monitoring even more cost effective.

4. Peace of mind for the whole family

We all know what it’s like to worry about a family member. Young or old, anyone can be in an accident, and it’s natural to worry about those we love when we can’t be there to keep them safe.

When it comes to elderly relatives, the main concerns are falls and medical emergencies. By joining a personal alarm service, you can give your elderly relative a fast and effective way of reaching you and alleviate those worries.

A fall alarm linked to a mobile phone means you’ll be updated to any alerts as soon as they happen. Using the SECOM Care app is easy and if you and the other emergency contacts are not available, our monitoring team will step in and assess the situation, taking the necessary steps to ensure your loved one is safe and well.

5. Improve your chances of making a full recovery

When we feel unwell, the faster we receive help, the better. Personal alarms reduce the time it takes to receive medical assistance, significantly improving our chances of making a full recovery.

Every minute counts in the case of life-threatening conditions. Having a 24-hour personal alarm system means the emergency services are alerted right away if you feel unwell and know your medical details before they arrive.

Wearing an elderly fall alarm will also give you the reassurance that help is on its way. Experiencing a ‘long lie’ can be distressing and detrimental to emotional health, as well as physical. A number of the CareTech by SECOM personal alarms have two-way communication, so you can speak to a member of the monitoring team if you’re in distress.

6. Support the NHS

The NHS is a cherished national service in the UK. It played a key role in fighting the pandemic and is under constant pressure to look after those who pass through its doors.

One of the biggest problems for the NHS is not having enough beds. Most bed shortages occur when patients can’t be discharged because they don’t have the necessary support in place to be sent home. Giving someone a personal alarm reduces pressure on the NHS by accelerating the discharge process and minimising hospital readmission.

It also gives the patient the confidence to return to their own home sooner. With a fall alarm linked to a mobile phone, they’ll have the support they need at their fingertips should there be a problem.

If the worst should happen and an elderly loved one falls over, knowing what to do can help you manage the situation and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again. Remember, you’re not alone in helping to manage your relative’s risk of falling, which is an inevitable part of ageing.

There are organisations that can offer practical support and infrastructure to put in place to alert you in case your loved one falls in their own home. A fall alarm for the elderly can give both you and your relative the peace of mind needed to maintain independent living despite the possibility of a fall being a reality.

Personal alarms from SECOM CareTech

These are only six of the many benefits of personal alarms. As you can see, they make a huge difference to millions of lives every day. If you are interested in learning more about our personal alarms, take a look at our alarm packages in this link below. Each one is designed to solve a specific issue for someone living on their own.