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The future of retail security and loss prevention was here way before Project Pegasus

SECOM PLC, a prominent name in the security industry and part of the SECOM Group, which is one of the world’s leading electronic security companies, proudly asserts its position as a leading Security Services Company, standing at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. While industry, government, retailer and police conversations centre around Project Pegasus, SECOM PLC has not only explored but implemented a significantly more comprehensive and in-depth security solution tailored for retailers. Our loss prevention solutions along with AI led technology CCTV integrated solutions have been delivering proven results for years.

With a deep-rooted commitment to enhancing the safety of businesses, SECOM PLC leverages state-of-the-art technology, surpassing the conventional realms of CCTV surveillance. Through the integration of facial recognition software and AI-led technology, SECOM PLC can provide retailers with unparalleled insights into their security landscape.

“Our services transcend the ordinary. We don’t just stop at surveillance; we delve deeper into the intricacies of criminal activities using the latest technologies,empowering our clients with actionable intelligence,” said Kevin Llewellyn, Head of National Accounts at SECOM PLC.

SECOM PLC’s advanced systems have proven to be remarkably effective. In the last month alone, our technology identified nearly 70% of theft incidents as the work of repeat offenders on one of our customer’s estates. This proactive identification not only prevents crimes but also facilitates the swift response of law enforcement agencies.

Recent Success Stories Speak Volumes

  • Leading high street convenience store: SECOM PLC successfully identified over 1800 repeat offenders, leading to custodial sentences exceeding 50 years. All evidence, including detailed evidence packs, MG11s, and video evidence, were delivered and accepted by approximately 30 police forces, securely stored and delivered from the cloud.

  • National Health Store Retailer: SECOM PLC provides nationwide intelligence services, tracking repeat offenders and exposing intricate criminal networks. Recent reports highlighted gang-affiliated repeat offenders operating across multiple cities, enabling retailers to proactively address potential threats.

  • National Pub/Restaurant Company: SECOM PLC’s tenacious intelligence team worked with our customer to provide a successful outcome in  81% of the 78 reported incidents since January 2022. The team’s dedication led to successful investigations, arrests, and charges against suspects. These efforts also resulted in enhanced relationships with local police, reinforcing security measures and fostering safer environments.

A representative of the National Pub/Restaurant Company, praised SECOM PLC’s work, stating, “The great success of the work achieved by SECOM has put our pubs in a much better position, often with closer relationships developed with the local police and better lines of communication now in place.”

Curious on what SECOM can offer you?

At SECOM PLC, we understand the pressing concerns faced by retailers, and we are dedicated to providing precise and detailed answers to your questions. Curious about your most prolific offenders? Our reports come complete with comprehensive details and high-resolution photos of all offenders, making it easy to identify and track repeat offenders across your establishments. Concerned about cross-offending across different stores on your estate? Our specialised reports highlight repeat offenders who are active across your stores nationwide, offering valuable insights for targeted security measures.

Wondering about the times and locations of offences? We provide real-time information, ensuring you know precisely when and where incidents occur, enabling you to adjust staff presence as needed. Interested in the key items being targeted for theft? We analyse trends to identify high-risk items. Moreover, we assess the extent of their responsibility for your overall theft problem and outline the potential impact if they were not offending. With SECOM PLC, you receive comprehensive, actionable intelligence tailored to your security needs, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance your overall security strategies

In a world where security is paramount, SECOM PLC continues to lead the charge in providing unparalleled protection. Retailers and banks can now benefit from SECOM PLC’s thorough, in-depth solutions, ensuring real success stories and safer environments.

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Lauren Michael, Head of Marketing, SECOM PLC


SECOM PLC is a leading Security Services Company, a proud member of the global SECOM network. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, SECOM PLC provides advanced security solutions to retailers and banks, ensuring unparalleled safety and peace of mind.

Costco count on high-tech solar power CCTV solution

It’s great to hear about Costco’s expansion plans in the UK and their collaboration with using SECOM for security solutions to protect their new sites as they’re being built. Costco is a global retailer and is the world’s fifth-largest retailer. They are expanding their operations in the UK, with plans to add 14 more stores over the next two years. We have a great new case study to showcase this amazing work at their new site in Gloucestershire, Centric Park, which is set to be completed by 2024. You can read it here:

Costco CCTV Case Study

Here are some key things from it to summarise:

1. Site requirements

When searching for new sites in the UK, Costco needed areas of up to 12 acres with parking space for 650 vehicles. The Gloucester store will be built on an 11.5-acre site with extensive planning permission for various buildings.

2. Security needs

Due to the size and nature of the Gloucester site, Costco required an effective security system to protect it from potential intruders, including the possibility of individuals trying to set up a campsite. They enlisted the services of SECOM, a security specialist with whom they’ve had a working relationship for eight years.

3. Solar-Powered CCTV Systems

The Gloucester site presented challenges, including the lack of mains power. In response, SECOM installed a high-tech, solar-powered CCTV system. Solar panels are mounted on existing flagpoles, powering four full HD solar-powered cameras with battery backup and a 4G connection for each. These cameras also feature video motion detection and smart analytic capabilities to generate alarms if/when the site is entered.

4. Remote monitoring

The cameras are remotely monitored 24/7 by SECOM’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If an intrusion is detected, the ARC alerts the keyholder immediately. Authorised Costco personnel can also view the camera feeds through a mobile phone app.

5. Rapid installation and durability

The solar-powered CCTV system can be installed quickly and uses rechargeable batteries. Even during rainy or cloudy weather, the system can operate for up to seven days when fully charged. The cameras are designed to be water and dust-resistant and provide clear images both day and night.

6. Exceptional service

Costco’s Loss Prevention Manager, Ged McCarthy, speaks highly of SECOM’s services. He appreciates the exceptional quality of service, efficient collaboration, and the expertise of SECOM’s team, particularly mentioning Steve Curry and Kevin Llewellyn.

7. Future collaboration

Ged is working closely with SECOM to further strengthen their relationship and access the latest and most technologically advanced security solutions available on the market, hoping for us to look after future new sites.

8. Recommendation

  1. Ged at Costco has no hesitation in recommending SECOM for any security needs, citing the high service levels and quality we provide.

Overall, it’s great to see that Costco is taking security seriously in its expansion plans and has found a reliable partner in us to address and fulfil their security needs effectively.

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