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Day Lewis Prescribes SECOM’S Security for its New Building

Day Lewis Pharmacy, the independent community pharmacy group, recently built a new block at its Head Office in Croydon. To ensure that the security of both the existing and new buildings was maintained throughout, it called in security experts SECOM. SECOM was asked to install a security system in the new block and to ensure that the protection of the existing building wasn’t compromised during the work.

Founded in 1975, Day Lewis has become one of the largest independent pharmacy chains in the UK and Europe. It provides healthcare to communities throughout the UK, through more than 260 nationwide pharmacies. The group prides itself on being a family business, built on a foundation of traditional values.


The growth of the business over the years meant that additional space was needed to house the larger workforce. For the recent building project, Day Lewis was faced with several challenges, both from a health and safety perspective and also in relation to security. The company needed to segregate several areas during the work, whilst also extending its existing intruder alarm and access control systems to provide full protection throughout the new block.

Anjelica Kendrick, Day Lewis Pharmacy’s Loss Prevention Manager, explains: “We needed to ensure that there was a smooth transition of the security systems during the building works. This meant maintaining high levels of security within our existing building while developing a similar system for the new block. We also needed the security of the new block to be completed in time for the building to be occupied once the main works were finished.”

She continues: “We turned to SECOM, as they have spearheaded our security for many years and are one of our trusted partners. Because we have a good relationship with them, we felt confident in their ability to deliver a solution that would meet all of our security requirements. Their account manager, Steve Kench-Cannon, has shown that he’s always ready to listen and respond quickly to any issues and requirements we have.”

Steve has been looking after the Day Lewis account since October 2022. He responds: “Anjelica has always been very proactive in looking at potential security risks and asking advice about how we could mitigate the effect of these risks or remove them completely.”


Over the past ten years and more, SECOM has carried out extensive work relating to the company’s intruder alarms and access controls. It monitors and maintains the security systems from its state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is manned continuously by its security experts. SECOM has also conducted some physical work on the Day Lewis Head Office site, including the installation of a turnstile on the perimeter gate.

An example of its recent access control measures has involved protective measures for new, security-enhanced locker rooms for the Day Lewis warehouse staff. These refurbishments form part of the company’s loss prevention strategy, and are designed to provide a secure space for personal items. A key element of the latest project involved extending the pharmacy’s existing security measures to the new building block. The main unit on the site already had a very good intruder alarm as well as many doors with access control.

This existing technology needed to be installed in different areas of the new unit. Some of the access controls had to be deployed on external doors, to prevent unauthorised access into individual buildings. Many of the internal doors also needed to have access controls installed.


During the course of the project, due to an evolving situation, Day Lewis asked SECOM for several changes to the security requirements. For instance, a couple of doors had to be removed from the project, and a number of doors had to have their access control reallocated to other doors.

SECOM was also asked to make adjustments to the existing security solution in the main part of the site to enable the building works to be carried out without affecting the intruder alarm system. For example, this required the re-routing of a number of cables during the building work. Some of the cables that were already installed were accidentally cut through during the building work, so SECOM had to revisit some of this cabling.

This all needed to be carried out within a tight timescale. However, the security company was able to include the changes within the scope of its work to ensure that the tight deadlines could still be achieved. It made the required changes successfully and delivered the project on time.


Steve Kench-Cannon comments: “We’ve developed a really strong working relationship with Day Lewis where I understand their needs and they in turn know what we as a company, and I as an individual, can deliver. In the near future, we hope to be adding an extra level of security to a new controlled substances area, where they have cages that will need access control.”

Anjelica Kendrick concludes: “All of the intruder alarm and access control systems for the new building have been successfully installed and are working well. They demonstrate our commitment to continuing security and operational efficiency. SECOM has carried out the whole project very smoothly and effectively and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future.”




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Access Control and Intruder Alarms


Access Control and Intruder Alarms

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