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Healthcare Company Utilise SECOM’s Security Solutions

SECOM Ensures a Secure Future for Leading National Healthcare Company

One of the UK’s leading providers of patient-centred healthcare recently opened new facilities and wanted to ensure the safety and security of both its people and its assets. It turned to security specialist SECOM to develop suitable solutions for its new site.

The search for security

The healthcare company’s success and growth led to the need for a new site. As a sign of its proactive approach to business, the organisation started looking at ways of protecting the site before it had even been built. The facility would need to be protected by good security systems, as it deals with confidential information and has a lot of expensive equipment.

The company therefore started looking for a firm that could provide a proposal that would allow it to meet both its insurance compliance requirements and its need to protect its premises, assets and peoples, as this was due to become its largest facility. Its initial requirements were for a Grade 3 intruder alarm as a minimum but it was also interested in other potential security solutions.

After exploring the possibilities, the organisation settled on using security specialist SECOM. SECOM has a good reputation within the sector and an associate of the healthcare organisation was already using the security company and was very happy with its service. SECOM therefore carried out an initial survey at the new site.

Identifying the needs

SECOM talked to the company’s Operations Director about their internal requirements and the areas they wanted the new security system to cover. At that stage, the site was an empty space where the new facility was due to be built. The SECOM team were shown the plans and discussed how they could support the healthcare company and what they could offer in terms of security solutions.

After the discussions, the healthcare company was keen on installing both an intruder alarm and an access control system. SECOM drafted a proposal and then made a follow-up visit, with specifications for the new systems. The company was happy with the proposals and placed an order.

The Operations Director comments: “The survey carried out prior to installation was thorough and helped identify several areas of risk. The information presented was very clear and well explained, which gave us confidence in the solution that SECOM was recommending. Their pricing was fair for the quality we were expecting.”

Installing the systems

The two companies worked closely together and with the contractors who were carrying out the initial build renovation. Some of the areas of risk identified included unwanted entry. The new warehouse was designed with a glass frontage and fire doors. Assets in the production area and the lab also needed to be protected.

SECOM therefore installed a Grade 3 Pyronix intruder alarm system, which includes a police response capability. The system can call the police and key holders in the event of a break-in. SECOM operates a remote service desk, so if any issue occurs with the alarm system, the company’s service engineers can dial into the system and diagnose and repair issues remotely.

The Paxton access control system installed by SECOM had to cover all possible points of entry. These included the individual downstairs offices, as well as securing sensitive areas that hold personal information or expensive equipment – such as the server room, and the Finance and HR offices.

The access control system had added importance during the Covid pandemic, as it’s used to manage the movement of people going in and out of the premises. These are mainly staff using the site, although there are a few visitors entering the facility on an appointment basis. The access control and intercom system restricts the entry and exit of people during the day and business hours.

After discussions with SECOM, the healthcare company also installed an L1 Kentec fire alarm system. The access control system is now integrated with this, which is important for health and safety reasons. For example, the system is programmed to release the doors if the fire alarm is activated, so people can leave the building safely. At any point in time, the company knows which staff members are on site. If there’s a fire, they can use the fire roll call using the access control system.

The fire alarm system also covers some labs and cold rooms on the site. Some of the devices needed to be intrinsically safe so that they can work efficiently in a cold environment. They include flashing beacons to alert people, providing a visual indicator as well as the actual sound of the alarm.

The installation of all the systems went very smoothly. When there were potential issues, these were resolved quickly by SECOM. Alex Mayeka, SECOM’s Security Consultant, explains: “One issue was that the healthcare company wanted a new set of glass doors with an unusual type of frame. However, we’re able to call on different suppliers, and one of these – a locksmith we use – worked with our engineers to install the doors.”

Another issue was that the client didn’t want to rely on a large electrical installation for the access control system. SECOM therefore used Power over Ethernet (PoE), and carried out all the cabling and power installation, along with PoE servers. Because the access control system is IP-based, the healthcare company always has records of any staff members who are on site at any specific time. There’s also an app that can be used for keeping track of people’s locations in case of an emergency.

The Operations Director reports: “The engineer who fitted the systems has produced one of the neatest installations we’ve experienced and is a credit to SECOM. The site security has been great, and the systems have been fairly easy to use. The training and instructions provided by the engineers has made the process very straightforward. The access control has been very beneficial, as it gives us a digital paper trail of staff. This has also been useful when running fire drills, as the software can run a roll call via the app.”

An evolving situation

SECOM started installing the security systems in one location, followed by a further site. The systems on the two sites are integrated, with two separate server rooms where the controls are located.

SECOM was then asked to look after the company’s main office. It installed a new access control system and took over support of the healthcare company’s existing equipment on the site, plus some new additions. SECOM will continue to provide support for all three areas in the future.

The healthcare company’s Operations Director concludes: “Both security systems on the new sites have satisfied our insurance requirements. A good intruder alarm is really a deterrent, and the site hasn’t been broken into since we moved in. As for the access control system, it has improved safety and reduced contamination by restricting staff to specific areas, which is especially important as this is a medical site.”


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