Case Study

Healthcare Service Vaccine Deployment Programme

SECOM & a Keyholding Company Fulfil Manned Guarding for The Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment Programme


In response to the urgent need for widespread vaccination against the ongoing global pandemic, one national healthcare service initiated a comprehensive Vaccine Deployment Programme (VDP).
SECOM, a renowned security company, was entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding a varying number of the healthcare service’s properties for the storage and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. The properties ranged from 4 to 5 in number and required an ability to dynamically adjust the number of security officers, ranging from 1 to 3, depending on the specific property, with some being pop up centres created within retail centres, for example. Due to the dynamic nature of the situation, which sometimes changed weekly depending on demand and the availability of vaccines, SECOM had to deliver a flexible and capable solution.

The success of this crucial program heavily relied on secure and well-coordinated deployment sites across the region. To ensure the safety and security of these vaccination centres, the healthcare service entered into a facilitated contract with a keyholding company, which subsequently engaged SECOM, a leading security service provider, for the delivery of manned guarding services at five key locations: Folkestone, Chatham, Tonbridge, Ramsgate, and Gravesend.


A keyholding company , known as a leading provider of professional security services, was chosen as a trusted partner by SECOM to support the manned guarding requirements for this critical project. The company’s extensive expertise in security services, combined with their flexibility and ability to adapt to changing requirements, made them an ideal choice for the task, together providing a total of approximately 32,376 guard hours across the five designated sites

Monthly Impact

Over the course of the programme, SECOM’s services proved instrumental in the smooth functioning of the vaccination centres.

SECOM managed and coordinated the security efforts efficiently. In some months, the services rendered by SECOM amounted to as much as £100,000, indicating the scale and significance of their contribution to the program.

Implementation and Outcome

SECOM, in collaboration with a keyholding company, demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise, and seamless coordination, significantly contributing to the success of the healthcare service’s Vaccine Deployment Programme. The company allocated a dedicated team to manage the security operations for the healthcare service’s properties involved in the Covid vaccine storage and distribution. Their primary objectives were to act as a visible deterrent to potential security threats, control access to the properties, and ensure the safety of both staff and the valuable vaccines.

The work primarily focused on day-time resource management, ensuring that the vaccine storage facilities and distribution centres were secure during the critical operational hours.

Critically the project relied on solid and accountable lines of communication and consistency of service. The strategic alignment of SECOM and a leading keyholding company enabled the two companies to provide a service in lock step with one another and offer a cohesive and confident execution.

Their proactive security measures ensured that the vaccination process proceeded without interruptions, creating a safe environment for both the healthcare workers and the recipients of the vaccine.


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