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Multinational Retailer Count on High-Tech Solar Panel CCTV Solution


The multinational retailer is the world’s fifth largest retailer, with over 800 locations across the globe. Over the next two years, the company is expanding its operations in the UK by adding 14 more stores, bringing the nationwide total to 44. One of the first of these is an outlet at Centric Park, Eastern Avenue, Gloucester which should be completed by 2024. While the site is being developed, the multinational retailer has brought in security specialist SECOM to provide monitoring and protection.

Originally launched in 1976, the company became the world’s first membership warehouse club, focusing on providing significant savings for its members over a wide range of merchandise. This includes everything from groceries and electronics through to clothing and cleaning supplies, all from a single outlet.

New site, new security needs

When looking for new sites in Britain, the multinational retailer needed areas of up to 12 acres, with parking space for 650 vehicles. The new Gloucester store will be built on an 11.5 acre site, with planning permission for 250,000 square feet of buildings, including the warehouse and office space. However, to protect the site from would-be intruders who might even try to set up a permanent campsite there, it needed to have an effective security system.

The multinational retailer therefore called in SECOM, as it has developed a good working relationship with the company over the past eight years. A representative from the corporation whose responsibilities cover all aspects of security from CCTV cameras and intruder alarms through to internal security devices says: “We’re well aware of the quality of SECOM’s work and their professionalism. They are always able to offer us sound advice and workable solutions.”

Solar-powered CCTV

The Gloucester site had existing fencing on two sides, with the other two sides being inaccessible due to heavy vegetation, trees and a railway line. The retailer’s aim was to monitor the site using CCTV, focusing on the accessible areas. The main issue was that there was no mains power at all available on the site. Steve Curry, SECOM’s National Accounts Executive, comments: “We would normally have used a more conventional CCTV system but due to the lack of facilities, we decided to install a high-tech, solar-powered solution.”

The new system makes use of existing flagpoles, on which four full HD solar-powered cameras are mounted, complete with battery back-up and a 4G connection for each of them. Each camera also has video motion detection and a smart analytic capability and will generate alarms if the site is entered.

The cameras are all monitored remotely, 24 hours a day, by SECOM’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If a would-be intruder tries to enter the site, this alerts the ARC, and the keyholder is immediately notified. The camera feeds can also be viewed by authorised personnel using a mobile phone app.

The solar powered CCTV system can be installed rapidly and uses rechargeable batteries. When fully charged, the solar panel’s battery can continue working for up to seven days in rainy or cloudy weather.
The cameras are water and dust-resistant and can capture clear images of details such as vehicle number plates during both the day and night.

An excellent service

A representative from the corporation reports: “The cameras were installed on time and to a good standard. The quality of service I received was exceptional. As a company, we have a long standing relationship with SECOM and have always been very happy with the level of service that they’ve provided.

“I’m now looking to strengthen that relationship as we move forward, as I’ve found SECOM – and in particular Steve Curry – easy to deal with and extremely efficient. He will listen and provide sound advice and feedback and will then ensure that all of the agreed outcomes are achieved. On the few occasions that I’ve dealt with other SECOM employees, I’ve found them all to be similarly focused.”

He concludes: “I’m currently redesigning how we protect our assets and am working closely with Steve Curry to make sure that we have access to the most technologically advanced designs and products available on the market. This is something that Steve and Kevin Llewellyn, SECOM’s National Accounts Manager, have been extremely helpful with. I have no hesitation in recommending SECOM for any security needs as the service levels and quality they provide are as good as anything I have worked with previously and better than most that I’ve found!”


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