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Private Dental Practice Benefits from Future-Proof Fire and Security System

SECOM knows the right treatment for Private Dental Practice

A state-of-the-art private dental practice that has recently moved to a new location in Southbourne, Bournemouth, needed a new fire and security alarm system that would protect the premises whilst also fitting in with the smart design of the building and meeting insurance obligations

Safeguarding the premises

The new building was previously a bank, but has been completely refurbished to a very high standard. It’s equipped with expensive new equipment that allows the experienced team of dentists to expand the range of treatments that can be offered, so that these can meet all of its patients’ varying dental needs at a single location.

The practice wanted to install a fire alarm and intruder detection system of a similarly high standard to protect its business and its employees. It was looking for a system that would be easy to manage, from a nationwide supplier with an established reputation for quality. It chose SECOM, a well-known specialist security systems provider and installer.

Installing the Intruder Detection System

The new intruder detection and alarm system needed to provide protection over two floors, including two external doors. SECOM therefore installed four Grade 3 Optex CX-AM anti-mask quad zone detectors, along with a Pyronix PCX280 intruder alarm control panel. Signals from the system are sent directly to SECOM’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which provides continuous monitoring. If any alarms are activated, this information can be passed rapidly to the police and key holders so that they can deal with any incidents.

Mike Hedley-Harper, SECOM’s Security Consultant, comments: “The PCX280 is the latest control panel on the market. The intruder detection system is effectively future-proof. This is important in the new building, as it’s been decorated to a very high standard, and has panelling on the walls. If the practice wants more detectors in the future, it would be very difficult to hide any cabling – which is why we’ve chosen to opt for the PCX route. It can easily be turned into a hybrid system by adding a wireless facility, enabling the practice to add extra detectors fairly easily.”

The installation of the intruder detection system was very straightforward but the practice was very pleased with how SECOM installed it, because the new premises are located on the High Street in Southbourne, the system acts as a good deterrent to any would-be intruders.

Installing the Fire Alarm System

The other aspect of SECOM’s installation involved the deployment of a complete fire alarm system. The building and its location were first surveyed by Simon Vergette, Head of Fire for SECOM. The bank had an old fire system that the practice had initially considered reinstalling. However, it was obsolete and a new system that fitted in well with the new décor was needed. This also had to be in keeping with the relevant fire regulations for the building whilst avoiding the need to fit unsightly cables.

SECOM therefore sourced a conventional, monitored fire alarm system that was in keeping with the look of the refurbished building. Installing it within the required timescales was difficult, as the team had to work around the needs of the practice, but it was successfully completed on time.

A Great Result

The Director of the Dental Practice said “We’re very happy with the new fire and security alarm system installed by SECOM in our newly refurbished, two-storey building. Our client relationship contact has been very helpful in dealing with any issues that arose during the installation. The system has also been well received by our staff.”

She adds: “We’d be happy to recommend SECOM to anyone else in the area that needs an intruder alert or fire alarm system. We were very pleased with the whole sales process and the way in which the work was carried out.”



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