Christmas Safety Tips

While Christmas is a time for giving, it can also be a time for taking. Insurance claims for theft over the Christmas period rocket by more than 20 per cent. Crowded shops, large ATM withdrawals, expensive presents, being away from home for longer and the distraction of the hustle and bustle all add up to opportunities for thieves – and heartbreak for you and your family.

This year SECOM have shared some useful tips to help remind you that preparing for domestic security is vital for the lead up to Christmas to keep your home safe and secure whilst you enjoy the holidays. Share with your friends and family to help keep everyone safe across the country.

  • Be vigilant when withdrawing money from an ATM. Simply move on if there are any suspicious-looking individuals hanging around. Always shield the keypad with your hand to protect your PIN number.
  • If you feel the ATM isn’t working properly, press Cancel to withdraw your card and try another machine.
  • Keep your personal belongings close to your body and carry as little cash as possible. Be aware of who is around you when using your mobile phone in public places and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Doing your Christmas shopping early means less crowds and less opportunity for pickpockets.
  • Do not leave presents and bags on show in vehicles as it’s easy pickings and always park in well-lit public places.
  • Don’t leave your presents and gifts under your Christmas tree or on display. Carefully dispose of any packaging from expensive gifts.
  • Get a video doorbell so you can safely see and hear who is there when you are home and out and about.
  • It’s best to invest in a smart home security system installed by professionals like us to give you peace of mind 24/7 so that you don’t forget to set your intruder alarm when you go out.
  • Always fit good-quality locks on doors and windows. If you go out even for a short time, make sure you lock up and always keep keys away from windows and doors.
  • If you are away for Christmas, make the house look occupied with time-operated lights and turn on a radio. If you’re going to be away for several days, ask someone to empty your post box and check on your home. Make sure you don’t announce you’re away, especially on social media.

have a merry christmas and a happy new year

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