Elevated Temperature Screening

Hands-free temperature screening for critical environments

With the coronavirus, and other transmissible viruses, posing significant risk to businesses and workforces across the country, we have developed a unique solution for ensuring safety, without having to continually close your doors. Our state-of-the-art Elevated Temperature Screening is an advanced thermal solution that works efficiently and effectively to measure elevated temperatures of multiple individuals upon entry to a single space. This is ideal for quickly screening people as they enter shared spaces, reception areas, stores or canteens – anywhere where there is a larger volume of people!

Our diverse thermal imaging solutions provide vital elevated temperature information to help detect raised temperatures and help prevent the spread of viruses to potentially thousands of key workers, staff and the public. Our solutions detect the accurate surface skin temperature of a person on a “non-contact” basis, reducing the risk to operators throughout the process.

  • Fast installation for near-instant protection and peace of mind
  • Accurate temperature measurement even in crowded spaces
  • Real-time mobile risk alerts delivered directly to key stakeholders
  • Installed and serviced by SECOM experts

A complete range to suit your requirements

We offer a diverse range of products and solutions under our Elevated Temperature Screening umbrella. So no matter whether you need a fixed solution for a permanent environment, such as an office, educational establishment or warehouse, or a temporary or portable solution for faster installation in flexible environments – we’ve got you covered.

Our hand-held thermal camera aids the flexible scanning of multiple entrants and is ideal for outdoor events or gatherings. Our cameras are accurate to +0.5°C and complete with 640px x 480px LCD display. SECOM solutions can be adapted to meet your needs, without compromising on quality or cost.

Walk-Through arch system

A combination of thermal elevation monitors and metal detectors for double the security, in one seamless solution.

Fixed thermal system

A permanent solution for multi-person entry locations. Accurate to within +0.3°C with real-time alerts and display.

Facial recognition & thermal screening

Fixed facial recognition terminal with mask detection and temperature screening. Provides on-the-spot acceptance or refusal of individuals.

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