Fire Detection

Specialist fire detection solutions

Here at SECOM, we understand all too well the chaos that is caused when a fire breaks out within a business environment. By establishing sophisticated fire detection systems within your enterprise, you will be able to prevent substantial costs and disruption to your business. And with our team of experienced fire consultants, you can design a fire detection solution entirely bespoke to your individual needs.

As accredited specialists in every aspect of fire safety, we’re confident that we will have the right fire detection measures to meet the requirements of any site or budget. Whether you require an Addressable Fire Detection System or Fire Zones to be installed, rest assured that SECOM have got you covered. What’s more, if you choose to work with us, you’ll have access to our very own 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre, where our trained operators will monitor your system all day and night.

  • Peace of mind from day one
  • Addressable Fire Detection Systems
  • Integrated Fire Zones
  • End-to-end installation and ongoing servicing from trained operators

Unrivalled fire safety expertise

SECOM maintains the highest level of third-party accreditation available in the United Kingdom to ensure our standards for fire safety never drop. We are registered as a BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) Scheme SP203 company. This means we are able to design, install, commission, hand over, maintain and verify fire detection and alarm systems in the UK. We also undergo regular independent inspections commissioned by the SSAIB (the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board).

When it comes to devising your building’s fire detection system, our experts will be on hand to advise you every step of the way. Our fire detection consultants will evaluate the size and complexity of your building to devise an entirely unique strategy that will ensure your business’ and employees’ safety. Once the plans have been approved, our engineers will install your bespoke fire detection system efficiently to minimise any business downtime.

Fire Zones

This detection system splits a building into a series of unique areas, making it easier to track where an incident is and trigger an evacuation.

Addressable Fire Detection System

Deployed within larger buildings, each detector is programmed with a unique address so that incidents can be tracked to a specific area within the building.

Alarm Receiving Centre

To give you peace of mind, our fire engineers can install detection systems connected to our alarm receiving centre, where our operators will monitor your system 24 hours a day.

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