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Feel more confident out and about, and at home, with Care Go. Get started from as little as £4.88 a week.

Maintaining your independence means being able to come and go as you please, so a personal alarm that works outside your home may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Care Go has built-in location tracking, allowing your loved ones to find you should there be an issue away from your house.

Care go devices are temporarily out of stock.

24-hour peace of mind

Whether at home, popping to the shops or meeting up with friends, you can wear your personal alarm 24 hours of the day. It’s even waterproof, meaning you’re protected when you’re bathing. Featuring a help button, fall detection and geolocation functionalities, the Care Go solution offers ultimate peace of mind.

Multiple ways to check in

Pressing the button on the pendant or keyring will alert loved ones via the SECOM Care app, with notifications going directly to their smartphones. If they’re uncontactable, then personnel from the monitoring centre can step in to assess the situation. You can speak to someone from this team via the emergency two-way communication system on your base unit.

Automatic fall detection

Integrated fall sensors can give additional reassurance to anyone diagnosed with a condition that increases their chances of having a fall. Because it’s not always possible to press a button in the case of a fall, automatic alerts will be sent in the event of the device detecting a fall to prevent extended periods of lying on the floor.

Features of our Care Go solution

CareTech’s Care Go personal alarm solution has a number of features to help you maintain your independence.

  • Waterproof pendant that can be worn when bathing
  • Fall detection sensors to automatically send alerts
  • Geolocation tracking for when you’re out and about
  • Two-way communication via the base unit
  • Futureproof technology that doesn’t require a landline or the internet

How much is the Care Go solution?


Per month

Excluding VAT*

*There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) that covers the delivery and registration of your device.

Many people who need a personal alarm do so because they have been diagnosed with a long-term health condition or a physical or mental disability. This often means they’re exempt from VAT on their personal alarm costs and you could be too.

There’s a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) for our personal alarms, followed by a monthly cost to cover device rental and monitoring.

Care Go is priced at £19.53 (£23.43 including VAT) a month.

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