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Pendant Alarms

Wearing a pendant alarm on a chain around your neck or on a wrist strap will give you the ability to reach out to your loved ones or our response team with one press of a button.

This will offer you the reassurance to remain living independently in your home, knowing help is at hand should you experience an emergency of any kind.

Speak to a real person in an emergency

The wearable device features a button that triggers an alarm to alert loved ones or the SECOM monitoring centre that there’s a problem. Coupled with the system’s base unit, you can benefit from a number of extra features, such as two-way communication to speak to one of our trained personnel.

Features of a CareTech pendant alarm

You can enjoy peace of mind with a CareTech pendant alarm thanks to the following features:

  • Help at the touch of a button – a pendant alarm will allow you to reach your emergency contacts or our monitoring team easily.
  • Five-year battery life – there’s no need to charge your pendant alarm, as the battery will last for five years. You don’t have to do anything when the battery gets low, as we’ll automatically receive a warning and send you a replacement free of charge.
  • Covers your home and garden – the Care Hub personal alarm has a 300m peripheral range as standard, so you’ll be covered if you’re pruning the roses or admiring the dahlias.
  • Backup battery for blackouts – Care Hub’s 70-hour backup battery lasts for more than three times the industry average in the event of a power outage.

Select additional extras

At SECOM we’re committed to finding the best solutions to meet your needs. This may include adding extra features to your Care Hub package. For example, our industry leading key safe is an effective way to ensure your loved ones can gain access to your home in case of emergency.

The large green numbers on the key safe make it user friendly to store and retrieve house keys outside of your property. It meets the police preferred specification and means you can rest assured someone can reach you after you’ve raised the alarm.

How much will a pendant alarm cost?


Per month

Excluding VAT*

*There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) that covers the delivery and registration of your device.

Most of the people who use a personal alarm do so due to a long-term health condition or a physical or mental disability. This often means they’re exempt from VAT on their personal alarm costs and you may be too.

There is a one-off setup fee of £82.92 (£99.50 including VAT) for CareTech pendant alarms, followed by a monthly fee to pay for device rental and monitoring.

Care Hub then costs £17.89 per month (£21.47 including VAT).

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