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    Modernise your warehouse and construction site security with SECOM’s Smart Guarding solutions. Protect your site, detect intruders, deter thieves and minimise disruption to your operations using our range of sophisticated products.

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    Build a more cost-effective operation

    Here at SECOM, we pride ourselves on the fact that our Smart Guarding offering is not only highly effective but also cost efficient. By reducing the number of manned guards you have on-site at any one time, we’ll help you make significant savings on labour costs. What’s more, our Smart Guarding products provide greater coverage of your sites and warehousing units for a fraction of the price of a full security team.

    We guarantee that when you work with us you’ll only ever pay for the security you need, when you need it. And with low-cost installation and ongoing maintenance performed by experienced SECOM engineers, you can enjoy ROI in as little as four weeks – helping to improve operational costs across your business.

    Protect your site 24/7

    SECOM’s Smart Guarding solutions lets you protect your sites from vandals and thieves at all times. As most criminal incidents occur at night, we’ve made sure our solution is just as effective at all times of the day. Our advanced CCTV Cameras are equipped with night vision and HDR lenses so they can capture high-quality images and footage in low lighting.

    We use powerful video analytics software which can instantly detect when someone crosses over your site’s perimeter. To mitigate any disruption this causes to your business’ operations, our Virtual Guard System autonomously and instantly relays any suspicious activity back to you and, if necessary, can alert local law enforcement. With SECOM, you can guard the entirety of your property at all times, effectively removing the human error potential of manned guards.

    • 24/7 security for your premises
    • Intelligent solutions for any industrial environment
    • Reduce the risk of vandalism and trespassing
    • Disperse intruders without the need for direct confrontation
    • State-of-the-art smart security systems
    • Installed and maintained by SECOM engineers

    Total site security solutions, powered by SECOM

    SECOM has been leading the way for smart security products for more than three decades. In that time we’ve consistently refined and honed our processes so that any solution we provide for industrial and construction settings is of the highest calibre. This same commitment to excellence is shared by each and every one of our experienced SECOM engineers – who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support your business.

    Our Smart Guarding product range

    Intelligent CCTV

    Advanced CCTV Cameras capture images and footage – even in the dimmest light – and utilise powerful video analytics software to detect when someone crosses the virtual perimeter of your premises, ensuring you are protected 24/7.

    • Night Vision and HDR lens
    • Powerful video analytics software
    • Accessible via your smartphone

    Virtual Guard

    We help you reduce reliance on physical security with our autonomous visual system. Virtual Guard intuitively detects offenders and reports any suspicious activity to you instantly. Our investigators continuously profile any repeat offenders and if necessary can liaise directly with local police to take action.

    • Autonomously detects suspicious activity
    • Identifies repeat offenders
    • Sophisticated AI processing

    Remote Smart Guard Intervention

    Serving as the ideal deterrent for unwanted visitors, SECOM’s IP Speakers & Microphones enable two-way audio transmission to disperse any intruders and alert security. Our bespoke announcement systems are manned by SECOM operatives, who assess security threats and intervene to diffuse situations.

    • Crisp two-way audio transmission
    • 24/7 support from trained SECOM operatives
    • Deters intruders from trespassing

    Wireless 4G router

    To guarantee unrivalled reliability, our engineers install an independent wireless 4G router for seamless security transmission, enabling always-on connectivity across multiple sites. With download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps, the 4G router will ensure that the rest of your smart guarding products run without interruption.

    • Independent wireless 4G router
    • Download speeds of up to 150Mbps
    • Upload speeds of up to 50Mbps
    • Connected, fast security across multiple business sites

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    Providing 24/7, 365-day virtual
    guarding for key work sites with SECOM Smart Guarding

    We worked with one of the UK's leading provider of tools and equipment hire, to install a 24/7, 365-day security system across a number of their UK sites.

    With Smart Guarding, we helped reduce their reliance on physical security measures, such as manned guarding in external high-value storage areas – providing greater coverage at a reduced cost and ultimately saving the business money across their portfolio. To find out how Smart Guarding can revolutionise your business sites’ security set-ups, speak to an expert member of the SECOM team today.