Intelligent security solutions for education settings

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    Modernise security in University, College, Primary and Secondary School premises with SECOM’s Smart Guarding specialised solutions. Minimise the risk presented to staff and pupils by external and internal threats with a virtual guard, ensuring the safety and security of everyone.

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    Protect your staff and pupils

    When working in an environment with children it is critical that the highest levels of security are maintained at all times. Whether an aggravated parent or unwelcome visitor is trespassing on the premises, or an unruly and aggressive child is endangering themselves and others, our robust solutions ensure that everyone is protected from potential harm.

    SECOM’s Smart Guarding range allows you to remove staff and students from escalating encounters. By replacing manned security with intelligent alternatives, your institution can engage and deal with hostile situations without staff ever needing to be directly involved. From disruptive behaviour to violent conduct, our smart solutions monitor events in real-time and enable teachers to discreetly alert SECOM experts and authorities that they require support.

    Protect your property

    With SECOM's Smart Guarding solution you can protect your premises from vandalism and unwanted visitors even outside of operating hours. Our advanced CCTV Cameras use HDR and night vision lenses so they are capable of capturing images and footage in dim lighting.

    Utilising powerful video analytics software we can also detect the moment someone crosses over the perimeter of your building. Our Virtual Guard system intuitively reports the culprits and will relay the suspicious activity back to you instantly. SECOM investigators continuously profile any repeat offenders and if necessary can liaise directly with local police to take action and prevent further incidents.

    • 24/7 security for your institution
    • Intelligent solutions for any education environment
    • Reduce the risk of vandalism and trespassing
    • Protects staff and students by removing the need for confrontation
    • State-of-the-art smart security systems
    • Installed and maintained by SECOM engineers

    Choose SECOM-powered technology

    SECOM has been leading the way for Smart Guarding products for more than three decades. In that time we’ve consistently refined and honed our processes so that any solution we provide for education facilities is of the highest calibre. This same commitment to excellence is shared by each and every one of our experienced SECOM engineers – who are available 24/7, 365 days a year to support your business.

    Our Smart Guarding product range

    Intelligent CCTV

    Advanced CCTV Cameras that capture images and footage even in the dimmest lighting. Utilising powerful video analytics software to detect when someone crosses the virtual perimeter of your institution's premises – ensuring your school, college or university is protected even when it’s not open.

    • Night Vision and HDR lens
    • Powerful video analytics software
    • Accessible via your smartphone

    Virtual Guard

    We help you reduce reliance on physical security with our autonomous visual system. Virtual Guard intuitively detects offenders and reports any suspicious activity to you instantly. Our investigators continuously profile any repeat offenders and if necessary can liaise directly with local police to take action.

    • Autonomously detects suspicious activity
    • Identifies repeat offenders
    • Sophisticated AI processing

    Remote Smart Guard Intervention

    Serving as the ideal deterrent for escalating encounters, SECOM’s IP Speakers & Microphones enable two-way audio transmission to diffuse any confrontations and alert security. Our bespoke announcement systems are manned by SECOM operatives, who assess security threats and intervene to diffuse situations so your staff don’t have to!

    • Crisp two-way audio transmission
    • 24/7 support from trained SECOM operatives
    • Deters encounters from escalating

    Assistance App

    Our Assistance App lets teachers and staff discreetly alert SECOM experts and relevant authorities that they require support in developing situations which may become hostile. We ensure your workers’ safety by equipping them with a personal activation transmitter or Assistance App they can use when they’re most in need.

    • Request assistance in seconds
    • Handheld and discreet
    • Robust personal activation transmitter
    • Smart assistance app allows a tiered Smart Guard response

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    Complete coverage for education
    institutions with SECOM Smart Guarding

    SECOM’s Smart Guarding solutions enable you to have complete coverage across the entirety of your premises. We’ll link into any existing CCTV systems you currently have and then integrate our remote connectivity transmission system, suspect buttons, IP speakers and microphones to create a truly autonomous guarding solution.

    We’ll ensure that our intelligent CCTV cameras centre on the most important areas of your facility, including the reception where visitors enter, the main entrance which students come through and any other additional areas which need to be covered. To find out how smart guarding can revolutionise your education security set-up speak to an expert member of the SECOM team today.