The latest security information at your fingertips

Travel and security updates & advice

There are lots of things that can disrupt your business and put your staff at risk. Being forewarned is being forearmed and having the knowledge in advance enables you to be prepared for all circumstances.

SECOM’s Alert Service can provide advice and bulletins to make sure you and your team have the most up-to-date information available, in an easy to digest format.

Hotspot analysis

Demo & protest updates

Travel advice

Remote auditing

  • Get the latest news from government, law enforcement agencies and other third party organisations directly to your inbox
  • Tailor bulletins so you only receive the information that’s relevant to you
  • Make sure all business travellers have access to a support line to cover any risk, safety and public health concerns when travelling

Demonstrations & protests bulletins

We work alongside the Government, law enforcement agencies, open source and other third-party organisations to gather intelligence on current protests and demonstrations on your behalf.

We analyse this information and highlight potential risk and likely target locations that could impact you, with a detailed briefing in advance, typically including available event information and relevant safety security for staff and customers.

Travel advice

We can provide guidance to UK-based employees who are travelling overseas, both in advance and through remote support during their trip, as well as to employees based overseas who are travelling to the UK.

Information is provided to business travellers and includes details on risk level, safety and public health advice. Advanced support is also provided via email or phone for any urgent requirements.

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